Assassination WAS Magic

Well, CafePress has seen fit to remove the My Little Jhereg products. They apologize for any inconvenience their actions have caused. I sent in a support ticket wondering what could possibly have spurred such an action, and apparently there is a cartoon of some sort whose logo is similar to the My Little Jhereg logo.

So that’s that. I hope that at least most people who wanted a shirt or mug or whatever got one. They’re limited edition collectors’ items now!

The rest of the store is still there, and the Incrementalists storefront.

In other news, our friend Chris has pointed out the awesome fandom teas available at Adagio. If you like tea, and you think you’d be likely to purchase a Dragaeran tea, you could use this voting mechanism to encourage them to blend some! The tea there is tasty.

Locus Hardcover List, Hugo Eligibility

Steve and Skye’s book is a hardcover bestseller, my friends! From the recent Locus: “The Incrementalists by Steven Brust & Skyler White made its debut in second place on the hardcover list.

In further SFF business news, Hugo nominations are open, and I feel like I’m quite late making this post on Steve’s blog, despite lacking my own PIN as yet (checking email history confirms that in past years I’ve gotten it as late as Feb 2). The nomination window is open until the end of March, so one does have a bit of time to explore eligible work (those two spots are decent starting points, and I’ll happily add links to more such helpful places if you send them to me) and nominate thoughtfully.

Steven Brust and Skyler White’s excellent novel The Incrementalists was published in 2013, as was Steven Brust’s short story Fireworks in the Rain.

My Little Jhereg 2: The T-Shirts & Torture

Hey, do y’all remember this? Good times, good times. Who could ever forget Scott Lynch’s My Little Jhereg theme song? And then later, Fran Wilde posted the Bartenders’ Guide.

Remember how much we all wanted My Little Jhereg t-shirts, tote bags, flasks, shot glasses, and posters? Well now, at long last, you can go forth and purchase these items. (Also hoodies for your dogs because cafepress thinks that’s a huge market.)

SKZB told me, and I quote him, “do whatever you think best,” and he was talking about letting me redecorate the shop, but I’m not letting facts get in the way of this moment. So until he makes me take them down, My Little Jhereg IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

Boston Area Signing Tomorrow

Ahoy, Boston! Steve will be at Pandemonium Books tomorrow at 7 pm. I will be there, too, but alas, Skyler will not. I hope to see a lot of you there; meeting and chatting with Steve’s fans has been fun for me every time. You’re all wonderful.

This post isn’t long enough, so here’s a picture of last night’s moon rising over the beach on Martha’s Vineyard:

2013-10-18 17.52.29

Further “Where the Hell is SKZB” Updates

Greetings, dreamcafe! We’re in the thick of the book tour now. I’ll keep this short and sweet and informational, but feel free to entertain yourselves with discussions of llamas or home renovations or whatever it is the kids are talking about these days.

This weekend, Steve and Skyler will be at FenCon X, a fan-operated SFF literary and filk convention in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Friday, 5pm panel: When Action Gets in the Way of Story
Saturday, 10 am: Autograph session
Saturday, 1 pm panel: Beating out the Details
Saturday, 5 pm panel: Editing a Book in a Day
Sunday, 10 am panel: Real Politics in Genre Fiction
Sunday, noon: Reading

Saturday, 5 pm panel: Editing a Book in a Day
Saturday, 7 pm panel: World Building
Sunday, noon: Reading

This Sunday, October 6, is the book launch party at BookPeople in Austin, TX. Starts at 7 pm, there will be snacks, and it is going to be a lot of fun, so come down if you can. You can also order a signed copy of The Incrementalists from BookPeople by clicking the link above and following the instructions on the left-hand side of the page. (This is frequently an option from independent bookstores holding signing events, a thing that I’ve only recently learned!)

Going further into the future…
October 11: Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA 7:00 pm
October 12: Borderlands Books in San Francisco, CA 3:00 pm
October 20: Pandemonium Books in Cambridge, MA 7:00 pm (just Steve)