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41 thoughts on “Lyorn Discussion–Major Spoilers”

  1. This had me -laughing-. And also listening to additional George Rose recordings on YouTube. Thank you.

  2. I encountered Brust as a filker on Firebird tapes before discovering the Taltos stories. This looks to be the goofy, funny, zany, occasionally edgy and absolutely unpredictable SB i so love to read. I KNOW I will be giggling; I’ll probably end up gasping, and weeping — whether or not with laughter.

  3. I only mentioned that as I thought this was the final book in the series but the door seems open for more.
    Are there more books coming?

  4. David Paul:

    There are two more to come: CHREOTHA and THE LAST CONTRACT. Steve is not sure where on Vlad’s timeline CHREOTHA will fall.

  5. Yay! It got delivered to the wrong address (thanks USPS) but luckily the person who received it drove it over and hand delivered!

    Thanks for writing!

  6. Continuity question: Didn’t Vlad teach a kid how to establish psychic communication with a stranger in an earlier book, I think it was the one where he reveals he’s figured our Keira’s secret identity?

  7. Continuity Question: Didn’t Vlad teach a kid how to archive psychic communicate in an earlier book, one where he was on the run?

  8. Huge thanks, skzb! Lyorn is wonderful, and everything I wanted for the next part of the story. It was funny, while I loved all the Theater talk(it brought back memories I hadn’t thought of in a long time)… the whole book felt like the setup sequences in a caper film like Ocean’s Eleven. All the players are getting in position, and the curtain is about to rise on the final act! I can’t wait!

    So, I am not sure I understood it perfectly, was Sethra showing everyone that the Cycle was actually broken? I loved the fact that the Sorceress and Sethra the Younger were there. Yendi is still my favorite (Lyorn not factored in yet) and I want more of them.

    I think I see where we’re headed with the Left Hand and Jenoine/Vlad and Verra… but I think there might be a bigger bad in the wings… There were a couple of moments in this book where I was pretty sure Vlad was talking about and wanting to come after a certain mustachioed author we know around here. I have suspected skzb is the real villain of the story for some time…. ;)

    Again, genuine thanks. I needed this book right now!

  9. So yesterday I worked a 13-hour day and got home to Lyorn in my mailbox, but was to tired to appreciate it. I got up at 6 AM this morning, read the prologue and began clapping in my bathroom. My wife asked me if I needed more sleep. I do, but I really needed that. Thank you for the spoiler above.

  10. I’ve just started Lyorn. I’ve reached the ninth line on page 7.
    I had to stop.
    I’ll pick it back up when I’ve recovered.
    Afterwords, just so you know, I’ll probably be reading it to my friends.
    Well, “friends” might be stretching the point. After I’m done reading it to them ;)
    If this develops into an ear worm…

  11. Lyorn spoiler- I think this is the first mention of stainless steel in/on Dragaera? I’m filing this and the appearance of beer cans in Dzur under “manufacturing questions for skzb when trapped in elevator”

    Big fun, as always! Thanks – and, in keeping with tradition, can’t wait for the next one!

  12. I always avoid spoilers. After finishing the book, I had hoped for a list of the songs at the end, and went to Facebook to complain, when I found the link to here. Considering there were only lyrics to go by, I’m pretty proud of the number I recognized – which I think was just over half.

  13. Oh boy apparently I’m going to need to figure out which songs go to which musicals, aren’t i? I’m not a theater buff, but I am a completionist. Read the intro to Day 1, Act 1, Scene 1 in the tune of “My Favorite Things” from sound of music. I’ve been nerd sniped.

  14. Amazon just delivered the book today, so I’m not reading the thread yet. I’ll come back in a few days. Is it definite that we only get two more books? There is still too much of Vlad’s story to be told. Feels like 20 books in the main series would be a great round number.

  15. I’m sure I’m wrong about this, but it feels like The Last Contract is going to have to be a big book to fire all the guns Steve’s been leaving on mantles since all the way back in Jhereg.

    Wondering if the “diseased flesh” of the world is the Left Hand, the whole Jhereg, the Cycle itself, or something I’m not clever enough to figure out.

  16. Loving Lyorn , just another amazing book in the series

    However.. hmmm . Is there a continuity.. whachamacallit when they sing about The Phoenix Guards many years before The Figment released the book with that name ( based on notes that got rejected by Lord Tri’ari and Master Vrei of the Institute? )

  17. @Henrik Jonsson

    Ah, you’re probably thinking of “The Phoenix Guards” by Paarfi of Roundwood.

    The song lyrics in Lyorn, however, are probably referring to an earlier work by Praafi of Roundtwig written in the 14th cycle, or possibly the derivative 16th cycle work by Poorfi of Squarewood, the well known serioli author.

    Or maybe the version by Parfini of Doublewood, reputed to have been written in a single monthlong fit of drunken debauchery during the late 17th cycle just to show up an ex-lover. Always look for the expurgated version of that one, as the unabridged version is a bit tedious.


  18. I really loved the glimpses of everyone’s mind like the Demon and Sethra… and I really liked Verra’s explanation of why we suddenly have a new narrative perspective… but I really wish we had Cawti’s thoughts on “the demon thing” as I want to understand more if it affected her more than she thought. As much as I love Vlad’s voice, the glimpses we get from others in all the books are very important to understanding the world…

  19. Finished Lyorn last night and I am still processing it. I still don’t quite get why Vlad is worried about people who fight with sorcery when he’s walking around with Lady Teldra who is made from Spellbreaker. Obviously being worried about potential assassins they may hire is perfectly reasonable.

    As always, I read it too fast which is a testament to the enjoyment I had in reading it.

  20. When I read the epilogue I thought there’s no way that’s Slings and Arrows, but lo and behold it was! (Written by the same composer of The Drowsy Chaperone, in fact!) Nice variety of musicals represented. The only ones I didn’t recognize before reading the spoilers were Buffy and Rogers.

  21. When Vlad anticipates the actors are about to break into song, and gets a sinking feeling in his stomach…
    I know that feeling.

    The mind-to-mind communication Vlad conducted with Savn from Athyra was accomplished using witchcraft, not sorcery.

  22. Re-reading the conversation between Vlad and Verra… I REALLY want to know exactly what their relationship has been throughout history… if she is somehow his mother, I may very well eat a hat… maybe a hat made of cake or something, but still. I had that theory before this conversation, and now I’m nearly convinced… so it’s probably not true… but I still can’t help but wonder.

  23. @halplm I’ve always thought Sethra and Dolivar were lovers. I am probably very wrong there, but that’s why I’ve assume Kiera/Sethra have been watching over and in many ways protecting Vlad basically his whole life.

  24. For Reference:

    Matter matter matter matter matter matter

    I’ve just now finished Lyorn
    and I have a couple questions,
    And if it isn’t too presumptuous
    I’ve also some suggestions,

    You say the lady Caola
    whom first we saw appear in Dzur
    She had a sister Vlad dispatched
    with Lady Teldra but I swear,

    That Daymar first reported that the lady’s soul
    that he destroyed
    Her sister’s name was Crithnak,
    And I find that I’m a bit annoyed

    To find this inexplicable
    discordant contradiction
    (Though I’ll admit that such annoyance
    is likely just my own affliction)

    Matter matter matter matter matter matter

    I find it’s not the first time
    that Crithnak’s name has got confused,
    In fact in Dzur she’s with Triesco
    As Terion’s lover interfused,

    Yet still I can’t but wonder at
    whatever has become of her
    Did Crithnak somewhere commit
    a critical literary blunder?

    Oh I do not wish to perish
    by the tweet or by the mention,
    But for Crithnak’s sake I’d like
    a tiny bit of condescension,

    Did the Left Hand have a lottery
    In the midst of all this patter
    Of whose names that those folks oughta be
    Or p’rhaps it doesn’t matter?

    Or pr’haps it doesn’t matter?
    Yes pr’haps it doesn’t matter?
    Or pr’haps it doesn’t matter matter matter matter matter matter.

    Matter matter matter matter matter matter

    If I should be so lucky to have met a famous author
    I would celebrate the great fortune that fate upon me did confer,
    And know I should ignore a minor artisitc imperfection
    At least that’s what I tell myself, but look at my reflections,

    Oh I know such things are trivial when put next to the grand context
    And yet my stupid brain won’t let me just accept and read what’s next,
    The remnants of my sanity upon the floor are scattered
    But still I’m laughing merrily so I guess it doesn’t matter

    Matter matter matter matter matter matter

  25. Mdagikjon: Sustained applause. You win the prize. The prize is being one to invent the retcon. Let me know what you come up with.

  26. @Kragar

    I didn’t re-read any previous books before diving into Lyorn, but I seem to recall that the Left Hand had some types of loyalty rituals that they take very seriously? Perhaps there’s some sort of bond that two or more of them can form, a sort of “blood siblinghood” type thing, with or without a magical component. My impression is that the Left Hand is (as far as anyone knows) very decentralized, and this type of bond might be one of the ways in which they organize, like resistance cells or witchcraft covens.

  27. (I was going to say this first, but I think my browser ate it.)

    I saw the dedication. I never knew Mike Ford, but I saw him around the Internet, and he was jaw-droppingly good at this sort of thing. I can see my old copy of “How Much for Just the Planet?” from where I sit, and I think I’ll reread it after I finish what I’ve got open. I’ve seen a partial list of tunes, and with any luck I can figure out the rest.

    Also, it appears that one character in the book is Ilen, a Magian. Which might have some implications.

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