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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White

Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille

Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille cover


Not one of my better efforts, I think, but there are bits of it I like. It started out to be funny, developed a serious side, and I was never able to get the elements to blend the way I wanted them to. Grumble grumble. It’s always pleasant  to run into someone who liked this book; it means that I can still do all right when I’m not on my game.


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  1. Jut thought I’d add that I’ve always had a soft spot for this book….I know what you mean about things didn’t quite gel the way you probably would have liked, but I liked this one anyway.

    Just thought I’d be one of those folks who tells you they liked it. 🙂

  2. skzb

    Thanks kindly; that’s pleasant to hear. Glad it to know it was fun, even if not what I was shooting for.

  3. Cowboy Feng’s was the first Brust book I read. I love, “I laughed, I cried, I fell down. It was good,” and I thought the characters were great. I should reread it.

  4. I liked it. Thought about it just the other day, too, when I purchased some truly amazing matzo ball soup at a local deli. I was sick, and it was magic.

    It was also part of a rather complicated good deed. Maybe that increases the healing power of the soup. I will have to ask either a Jewish witch or a really good Jewish cook.

  5. It also includes a statement of ethics that matters a lot to me, that has clarified a number of moral/political issues for me over the years: “The human race, all of us, are my people. Except for you who are trying to kill the rest of us. You can rot in hell.”

  6. This has always been a favorite of mine. Haven’t read it in about five or six years, mostly because it’s in one of the many boxes of books in the root cellar. Not nearly as much bookshelf space as the last house….

  7. I always liked it, too, even through three or four re-reads. I don’t remember when I twigged to the fact that the same guy who wrote this was the one who wrote the Dragaera books. D’oh!

  8. I bought Feng’s on iBooks a while back and discovered that Michael Flynns text for “the Wreck of the River of Stars” was attached. Not a bad read but not the book I was looking for.

    I tend to read in genre blocks and wanted to read Feng’s, Callahans, and Mundens Bar all back to back, but still hunting for a copy of Fengs that functions

  9. I got copies Erik. Minicon? Also, that’s a great idea.

  10. I really enjoyed this book. So much so that I finished it in one sitting. Something about it just tickled an itch that I had at the time. I even recommended it to my wife who also thought it was great. Thanks for writing this one. I think I even own two or three copies of it. Ha, ha!!

  11. Definitely one of my favorite books!

  12. I haven’t read your other books, Mr. Brust, but I’ve kept this one on my shelf for the last 24 years. I like the food, I like the intermezzos, I like what you write about love, and I like the idea of critical points in our personal histories where everything changes. Thanks for writing the book. I read it during my own intermezzos.

  13. skzb

    Thank you, Mary. That’s delightful to hear.

  14. I picked up your book, once upon a time, for just a few bucks in a discard bin at the library. It was old, battered, much dog-eared, but something about it caught my eye.

    I picked it up, and it changed my life. YOU changed my life.

    I make every single one of my friends who has the respect to call themselves a reader, read it. I recommend it to everyone I can, then reread it myself whenever my fingers are itching and my hope is low. Someone actually liked the book so much they stole my copy!
    (so i promptly went and bought another, haha)

    I was surprised to find on here that out of all your books (which I now need to stock up on), Cowboy Fengs was one of your least favorite. The story and the characters resonated so strongly with me, that I actually thought that the book had been a GLORIOUS one hit wonder.

    Words don’t describe how happy I am that i can go find more of your writing, in fantastical genres and worlds I never would have believed possible without your help.

    From one aspiring author to her huge inspiration… Thank you.

    Thank you so much.

  15. skzb

    Thank you kindly, Sky. That means a lot. As I said above, it’s always especially nice to hear that someone enjoyed that one. Best of luck with your work!

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