My Little Jhereg 2: The T-Shirts & Torture

Hey, do y’all remember this? Good times, good times. Who could ever forget Scott Lynch’s My Little Jhereg theme song? And then later, Fran Wilde posted the Bartenders’ Guide.

Remember how much we all wanted My Little Jhereg t-shirts, tote bags, flasks, shot glasses, and posters? Well now, at long last, you can go forth and purchase these items. (Also hoodies for your dogs because cafepress thinks that’s a huge market.)

SKZB told me, and I quote him, “do whatever you think best,” and he was talking about letting me redecorate the shop, but I’m not letting facts get in the way of this moment. So until he makes me take them down, My Little Jhereg IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

17 thoughts on “My Little Jhereg 2: The T-Shirts & Torture”

  1. Ahahah, these are wonderful. I bought the Jhereg PJs for my significant other. I imagine she’s going to go into convulsions for it. Thank you!

  2. And then this happened to me, and I went on with my life, knowing that this was now a part of it, and it could never be undone.

  3. I like the tank top. I could wear it under another shirt and walk around all day with a smirk on my face, and nobody would know why…Or the panties, of course. Yes, Steven, your life will never be the same. Someone should make stuffed “animals.”

  4. Wow, Jen, you do NOT do things by halves.

    I might have to get a dog now.


  5. When people knit up models of other people’s jokes about your characters, you know you have Arrived. And when the craft is that good, you’ve Arrived In Style.

  6. Steven, Steven…what you have unleashed upon the earth. Now maybe Disney will buy the movie rights…

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