I’m currently working up a duet with John Sjogren.  We’re called “Bror.”  If we ever get our shit together, like, to practice, and get gigs, we’ll put up a web site and I’ll link it here.


A Rose For Iconoclastes cover

Photo by Fred A. Levy Haskell.

“A Rose For Iconoclastes” is my first and probably last attempt a solo record. I suppose you’d call it politically incorrect folk music; at any rate, it sounds like folk music and a good deal of it is humorous—in intent, at any rate. The title, for those who don’t know, is a play off the brilliant story by Roger Zelazny, “A Rose For Ecclesiastes,” which you should read if you haven’t yet.

The big thing the record has going for it, in my humble opinion, is some fine performances by Adam Stemple (who also produced it), Sara Diedrich, Gary Schulte, Dakota Dave Hull, and some other great local musicians.

Whatever, if you want to order the tape or CD, you can get it online through CD Baby. Or get hold of:

Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Book Store
2864 Chicago Av. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: (612)824-6347

Oh, one last plug: All the design work is by Geri Sullivan.

ornament Songs From The Gypsy cover

Songs From The Gypsy is the recording of a cycle of songs I wrote with ex-Boiled-in-Lead guitarist Adam Stemple, which cycle turned into a novel I wrote with Megan Lindholm, one of my favorite writers.

9 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Just discovered your album. Are you a Phil Ochs fan? A track like “War is Bad” makes me think of “Talking Vietnam” and his other humorous topical songs.

  2. Love “Draft Dodger Rag.” I’m developing a musical about Phil and that song was in it at one point, but, alas, it was a victim of the scythe… His later, more lyrical stuff is great, too. For example, “Pleasures of the Harbor” is another favorite — the acoustic versions rather than the overproduced album stuff…!

  3. Yeah. “Love Me I’m a Liberal” is another favorite. Best of luck with your project. Have you ever heard “Gaslight Rag” by Van Ronk? “No one was swocked and Dylan played Bach, And Ochs’ songs all scanned…” :-)

  4. What is this “tape” you speak of? Is it some sort of futuristic technology? How have you acquired it? Do our alien masters know you’ve stolen it from them?

  5. I’ll be a little annoying but, is there the song lyrics anywhere for the Rose for the Iconoclastes album? I got it and am quite enjoying it, but a couple bits are a little hard to understand, probably because being an unwashed foreigner x3.

    As an aside, Backward Message and War is Bad are bloody hillarious.

  6. IIRC the complete lyrics were reproduced in the booklet that accompanied the CD. Finding the stash of CD booklets is on “the list”.

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