Boston Area Signing Tomorrow

Ahoy, Boston! Steve will be at Pandemonium Books tomorrow at 7 pm. I will be there, too, but alas, Skyler will not. I hope to see a lot of you there; meeting and chatting with Steve’s fans has been fun for me every time. You’re all wonderful.

This post isn’t long enough, so here’s a picture of last night’s moon rising over the beach on Martha’s Vineyard:

2013-10-18 17.52.29

6 thoughts on “Boston Area Signing Tomorrow”

  1. I have to say that this makes me so sad. I spent 6 years in Cambridge with Vlad being sometimes the only person who got me and now you come to town and I’ve moved to a different continent. Loving the Incrimentalists, btw. Go to Green Street for a good drink around there.

  2. Long-time lurker on this blog (and its earlier incarnation on LJ) – I’m breaking my silence to thank Steven for visiting us here in Cambridge/Boston, and for being so generous with his time and with his fans. I’ve never met you before, but you’re exactly how I’d always imagined you would be: an avuncular, down-to-earth guy whom I wouldn’t mind having a drink or three with (and I rarely drink). Meeting you was a high point of this year for me, and getting all your fans there to sign your own copy of the Incrementalists was unexpected and, for me, moving.

    Thank you for never resting on your laurels as a writer, and for continuing to challenge yourself and your readers (and I’m sure your collaborators) over the years. Thanks also to everyone else who was there and asked awesome questions, and definitely to the people at Pandemonium for organizing this event.

    Back into the shadows…


    A very starstruck fan who asked you to sign a copy for my friend (who introduced me to Jhereg almost two decades ago) as well as a copy of Issola for myself; in response to your probably-rhetorical question about which form of Teldra I’d like to see (a question I was too flustered at the time to answer), I’ll just say now: ANY! But I especially can’t wait for her to awaken!

  3. it was a joy to get to hear the reading and the q & a was fantastic as well. a complete honor to meet you finally and i’m digging into the new book starting today! i hope you two finally got your drink, and enjoy whatever time you have left in new england, enjoy the colors!

  4. I don’t mind you posting the Q & A. Unless I said something stupid. Did I say something stupid? I usually do. Edit that out.

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