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I got to read the Code Napoleon when researching this one. It was strange and weird and much more interesting than I thought it would be. I guess the same could be said about the experience of writing about law and lawyers.


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  1. I pre-ordered this back on June 14, 2010, in mass-market format, but never got it. Did it ever really exist in mass-market?

    I was going to splurge and get the whole series on Kindle. Turns out… damn. I’d have sworn they weren’t there before.

    But ANYway, will this and newer books be available in mass-market?

    Got the five Dumas books and Cowboy Feng for the Kindle. It’s a start, but. Hopefully, some of that will trickle down to you. Will the earlier Dragaera books be available someday?

    (comment about the site. I’m using Chrome, and the Reply box is about 1-1/4 screens high, and the blanks at the bottom have all kind of ghost images. weird.)

  2. skzb

    It was never released as a mass-market paperback; just hardcover and trade paperback.

  3. Re-reading this one. It’s SO good!

  4. There is a cross examination in that book that I really enjoyed…we only see a snippet but it is more than enough to get the picture. 🙂

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