I got to read the Code Napoleon when researching this one. It was strange and weird and much more interesting than I thought it would be. I guess the same could be said about the experience of writing about law and lawyers.


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  1. I pre-ordered this back on June 14, 2010, in mass-market format, but never got it. Did it ever really exist in mass-market?

    I was going to splurge and get the whole series on Kindle. Turns out… damn. I’d have sworn they weren’t there before.

    But ANYway, will this and newer books be available in mass-market?

    Got the five Dumas books and Cowboy Feng for the Kindle. It’s a start, but. Hopefully, some of that will trickle down to you. Will the earlier Dragaera books be available someday?

    (comment about the site. I’m using Chrome, and the Reply box is about 1-1/4 screens high, and the blanks at the bottom have all kind of ghost images. weird.)

  2. There is a cross examination in that book that I really enjoyed…we only see a snippet but it is more than enough to get the picture. :)

  3. Okay, about the cover…

    Aren’t iorich river reptiles? This fanged mostrosity on the cover looks super cool. But not very reptilian.

  4. And I get it that skzb has little or nothing to do with the covers, the majority of which are perfect and super cool. I just wondered if there was a story there.

    Speaking of stories, skzb simply HAS to tell the full story of how Vlad got put into “Jhereg storage” in the Iorich wing, and how he got out of it. As a fan I hereby demand it.

    But if that does not work, pretty please?

  5. No, the iorich (in my view) is kind of bear-like, and definitely a mammal. And will give it some thought. Damn. Where did I talk about that again?

  6. Well I would think that your conception of an iorich is one of the most important ones. Top five, easy. :D

    I think I looked at the hand-drawing of the cycle at the front of some of your books, the lyorn records, and I recall there was a description of some of the creatures in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

  7. skzb–

    Vlad tells Aliera about his own arrest when he visits her in her luxury cell during her imprisonment, as recounted in Iorich. Now he could have been making it up to make her feel better, but he supplies additional details to the reader that he does not share with her, implying pretty strongly that he was describing an actual experience. Same with his description of the food typically served in such places.

  8. The most readily available online images of the Cycle definitely depict an iorich as something reptilian-ish (and the tsalmoth as a bear, fwiw, which I presume is correct?). I don’t know how whoever made the image got the wrong end of the stick, but that’s probably the source of the confusion.

  9. I suspect that it was Vlad who got them mixed up. He’s only ever been vaguely aware about the intricacies of the minor noble houses and the cycle. Perhaps he is more concerned about all the people who are after him.

  10. Oooh, I think I figured it out. It would be just like the Jenoine to create a river reptile species that have heads like a bear/dog similar to the creature on the cover.

  11. > iorich (in my view) is kind of bear-like, and definitely a mammal

    According to “Dzurlord” – or, rather, introduction to that game book written by you know who, – the bearlike mammal is tsalmoth. While iorich is described as riverside amphibious creature, big and slow.

  12. You guys are doing it wrong. The point of the game is to figure out why skzb was right, even though, to a casual observer…

  13. Skzb is always right, by Verra. Illustrators, even the best of the best ones, may became the subjects of Jenoine intervention. Or else.

  14. Though note that SB is a character, and quite capable of error. (I mean, one could argue the same about SKZB, if one were so inclined …)

  15. I’m rereading all SKZB’s books and I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the deleted scenes at the end of this book.

  16. This is one of my favorites, mostly because of all the inspired cursing! E.g., the fecal matter of the Seven Wizard, which Norathar swears by! Vlad’s discovery that his friends drink heavily is good, too. He hadn’t noticed it while living in Adrilankha.

  17. I liked the excerpts from the investigative file at the beginnings of each chapter, most notably the transcript of the fruitless cross-examination of Aliera.

  18. Oh! I suddenly realized where I got half my mental image of an iorich from.

    Peter Pan.

    **DOH** It’s been nigh on 30 years since I started reading Brust, and it took THIS LONG for my stupid brain to make that connection. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  19. The reptile can hold a grudge seemingly forever, stalking its prey for years? The law can be like that, too. We have DNA exonerations decades after the fact, but solved cold cases, too.

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