Assassination WAS Magic

Well, CafePress has seen fit to remove the My Little Jhereg products. They apologize for any inconvenience their actions have caused. I sent in a support ticket wondering what could possibly have spurred such an action, and apparently there is a cartoon of some sort whose logo is similar to the My Little Jhereg logo.

So that’s that. I hope that at least most people who wanted a shirt or mug or whatever got one. They’re limited edition collectors’ items now!

The rest of the store is still there, and the Incrementalists storefront.

In other news, our friend Chris has pointed out the awesome fandom teas available at Adagio. If you like tea, and you think you’d be likely to purchase a Dragaeran tea, you could use this voting mechanism to encourage them to blend some! The tea there is tasty.

9 thoughts on “Assassination WAS Magic”

  1. That’s too bad about “My Little Jhereg”. I would think there are so many things that look like that, that it shouldn’t be an issue, especially if it is called a Jhereg. Has anybody made Klava? I am wondering about the wood chip taste. As I frequently taste wood dust by accident, I am somewhat reluctant to try drinking any.

  2. Yeah, parody is fair game, but I’m sure Cafe Press doesn’t want to send lawyers to court every time someone else with a trademark and a gigantic evil industry association behind them disagrees.

  3. It should be fair game, but Cafepress was pretty firm about the issue.

    David: I spent quite a bit of time screwing around with klava. I had the most success with a vacuum brew system (if you don’t know what that is, do a google image search for vacuum brew coffee). For wood chips I used the kind you would add to a charcoal grill, probably hickory. Maybe cherrywood. I don’t remember. But the overall effect was a very strong, brightly-flavored coffee.

  4. Parody is “fair game” (i.e. fair use) when it is /not for profit/. Otherwise, you really do need to have the rights from the copyright holder of the original property, or you will find yourself in an actionable position. Note: I don’t necessarily agree that this is morally or ethically justifiable, but it is what copyright law actually says. This is why Weird Al always gets permission from the folks whose songs he parodies.

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