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I really wanted to do Vlad as Nero Wolfe with Loiosh as Archie Goodwin, so I did. I’m fairly happy with it. And, as usual, I love the cover.


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  1. In Jhegaala you mention Tereza wearing a flaisl. The flaisl – does it or did it exist in real life somewhere? What is it based upon? Anything in real life or in fiction elsewhere? One enquiring mind wants to know.

  2. I no longer remember the context, but someone typoed “flail” so we had to invent a definition.

  3. Oh man I thought it was going to be some kind of cool Hungarian thingamajig.

  4. I just finished reading this one again. I remembered it being good the first time I read it, at publication.

    It was better.

    Also, there was a plot summary of what could easily become Chreotha somewhere in there.

  5. There is a typo in the ebook. I lost my hard copy so I cannot vcheck if it is there..
    —I opened it. In four times as many words as it should have taken, it told the “Daylord” (whatever that might mean) to see that I was given full access to the mill and treated with all courtesy due to an honored friend of &c &c and to the boat crew to provide, to and from, transportation such as was available and befitting &c &c.—

  6. figured it out. &c. is etcetera or “and so forth”. So instead of typing names that don’t matter…. I had never seen it before Dzur and Jhegaala. Thank you Steven Brust for furthuring my education.

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