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Steven Brust: “A masterful storyteller of contagious glee and self-deprecating badassery” —Skyler White


steve, portrait by ddb

[photo by David Dyer-Bennet]

I’m the author of twenty-six novels and one solo record. I’m an enthusiastic amateur drummer, guitarist, banjo player, and poker player.

I’m being published by Tor Books.

The Dragaera mailing list is now officially open for use; go to for more information

I have, as I mentioned above, one solo record, “A Rose For Iconoclastes”.

I have written some of the songs for the Worldbeat band Boiled In Lead, including, particularly, Songs From The Gypsy, which is the recording of a cycle of songs I wrote with ex-BiL guitarist Adam Stemple, which cycle turned into a novel I wrote with Megan Lindholm, one of my favorite writers.

Speaking of favorite writers, I have the honor to be in a writer’s group with Emma Bull, Pamela DeanWill Shetterly, and the afore-mentioned Adam Stemple, who may never before have been afore-mentioned.  You’re welcome.

There’s been some speculation on the Internet about my politics. Without going into great detail, I’ll say that I am a Trotskyist sympathizer; for more information check out the World Socialist Web Site. Enough said.

There’s also been some speculation about the Pre-Joycean Fellowship. The best explanation I can make is that we exist to poke fun at the excesses of modern literature while simultaneously mining it for everything of value. Does that help? I didn’t think so.

“Dream Cafe” is a reference to the title song of a record by Greg Brown, who, along with Dave Van Ronk, is among my favorite songwriter/performers. Check them out if you haven’t.

If there are questions about the books, I probably won’t answer them because I enjoy hearing the speculations. But you never know; there might be something I want to talk about here, like the Cool Stuff Theory of Literature, or something. So ask. I’m at

Cheers. Catch you on the Funway.

two steves by ddb

[photos by David Dyer-Bennet]


  1. The donate link is broken; it just takes you to the PayPal home page in both IE and Chrome.

  2. skzb

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. And utilized — thanks for many hours of great reading pleasure!

  4. You got the rotating quote thing up! Cool!

  5. Re quotes:

    “Captain Renault: What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?
    Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.
    Captain Renault: The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.
    Rick: I was misinformed.”

    This is my favorite quote from Casablanca, of the many great lines: good choice :)

  6. I don’t know if you have already sold the rights, to the Vlad books to HBO or whatever, and I don’t know about the audiobook rights.

    Would you consider for a portion like 25% plus 50% merch?

    I have no qualifications except that I have read all of them more than once and having just listened to the entirety of the Wheel of Time (to the lame end) on audiobook, there is at least me as a possible audience.

    And really if GRRM can get an HBO series(which I am alternately bored by and excited for…)

    anyway if you feel like giving some control over to someone that has nothing but 30years of PnP gaming experience and a love for the text


    you apparently have my email so…

    Thanks for your time..


  7. I should add that I bought the hard cover of a memory of light, in case you thought I hate him just because he died



  8. Cousin Steven,

    Are you still in town?

    Cousin Jackie

  9. skzb

    I am indeed! What a pleasure to hear from you!

  10. Cousin Steven,

    Please email me your contact info.


  11. skzb

    I don’t have YOURS to email it to! Your link goes to a web page, not an email address. Mine is

  12. Hello!
    Honestly, I have not known about this site before – as now I have come across it when looking about whether there are any fansites devoted to Dragaera.
    Most of this is going to be random praise, but, since that tends to read fairly well to any author, I hope you will not be annoyed too much. I am currently reading Dragon from your Vlad Taltos series, and, well, have been enjoying it greatly – I love Vlad’s observations about military life (but then, I like his observations on anything. And Loiosh’s. In fact, Vlad’s POV is one of the more amusing features of the books though I liked Kiera as well – never mind that I can’t shake the feeling Orca could well have happened in my country x3.)
    Two other things to remark – I really like how the books incorporate a good deal of central european culture – in Dragon for example, Vlad’s noish-pa has been cooking what we call langoš here, complete with garlic – and it’s indeed super common and tasty and not trivial to do right. (Though I think best with sour potato soup).
    The second thing – I just read that apparently, you are a marxist (of trockist persuasion but ah well x3) – something that I’ve been wondering about since some of the books (Teckla and the one after, with the king assassination) did involve very sensible descriptions of political change breeding (specifically, following the law of dialectics that says that change in quantity becomes change in quality, which is exactly why rebellions are hard to quash – the initial spark is just that, and could have been anything else) – which is something that a lot of writers (that, well, are otherwise, ideologically) gets wrong. (And, I really want to praise that unlike some authors on either side of the barricades, you don’t let political matters push out good story and good characterization in your writing – it’s an unfortunately frequent phenomenon with writers that hold strong political or ideologic beliefs and usually does a disservice to both the reader and the politics – I mean, think of Ayn Rand’s writing XD)
    So, I wish you all best with whatever may you write in the future (and as well, personal life), and send greetings from the Slovak Republic.
    Best regards!

  13. skzb

    Thank you kindly. I’m delighted to hear from you, and that you’ve been enjoying the books. Yes, I love lángos. Yum. If you are curious about my politics, well, there’s plenty of stuff on this blog. :-) Take care.

  14. Your latest post, “The mechanisms of ignorance” lists 70 comments. But when I actually look at it, it shows only 48 comments. Earlier it listed the names of people who made the later comments but now those are gone.

    If you know why that happened then OK, accidents happen etc, but if you don’t know then it’s worth finding out.

  15. skzb

    Thanks. I’ll see if I can figure that out.

  16. I just counted them, and got the right number (71 now). I can’t think why you would be missing some. So far as I know, you don’t have the capability to block someone, and in any case you’d know if you had. This is strange.

  17. I apologize. When you said it worked on your end I cleared my browser cache and then it worked for me. I had had other problems that were just on this website and I assumed the problem was on your end instead of mine.

    I’ll try to remember to think again the next time I make this mistake.

  18. skzb

    Heh. Let’s just hope more web problems are this easily solved. :-)

  19. Vlad series on HBO, AMC, etc would be awesome. But special effects are so expensive. Maybe in another ten years

  20. I’ve really enjoyed your Taltos and Khaavren books in the past. I’ve been reading your stuff for decades, but I’m a mass-market fanatic, and I haven’t been able to read any of the Taltos series since Jhegaala. If you have any influence over your publisher, please ask them to print your books in mass-market paperback again.

  21. skzb

    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I wish there could be mass market editions. So does my publisher. Unfortunately, I’m told, the numbers just aren’t there. But in any case, no, that isn’t the sort of thing I have any influence on.

    Again, thanks for your interest.

  22. Steve! It’s Mark Fowler, your old friend who lived with you in Vegas. Good to see you still around and kicking. Email me and let’s catch up.

  23. skzb

    Hey, Mark. Good to hear from you. When are you going to move to Minnesota and start a D&D game for me? Hmm? Hmm?

  24. I read mostly on my Kindle these days. I have most of the earlier Vlad Taltos books in paperback, and the more recent ones in Kindle format, but the earlier books are not available on the Kindle. Is there a plan to make the earlier books in the series available in electronic form?

  25. skzb

    Yes. A contract has been signed. I don’t know how long it will take to bring them out, however. If you have an email address for Ace books (I don’t) you may want to ask them. (Let me know if you find out; as you can imagine, I’m eager myself.)

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