John Scalzi's Blog

I’ve done my work for the day,
I’ve twittered random shit.
I’ve whined about immigration;
And I’m sure I displayed my wit.
I’ve drunk my supper, watched some porn,
And even fed the dog.
Now it’s time to be an idiot on John Scalzi’s blog.

He’s the president of SFWA
His comment strings are long.
Lots of people pay attention,
He wouldn’t dare delete my words,
Or the comment chain I’ll clog.
So I’m free to be an idiot on John Scalzi’s blog.

He calls his blog “Whatever”
And that’s just what you’ll see:
Whatever I must do
To get him to look at me.
In the atmosphere of discourse
I will be the smog.
I’ll be the biggest idiot on John Scalzi’s blog.

It isn’t that I hate him
Or that I like to fight
It’s just my means of self-expression
Now that I’m banned from Making Light.
When they call me assbag, troll, and jerk
I’ll jump up and down, agog,
Because it proves I am an idiot on John Scalzi’s blog.

I suppose I could go get a life,
Or read a book or three,
And maybe listen to some of those
With whom I disagree.
But it seems like so much effort,
Whereas falling off a log
Is hard compared to spreading crap on John Scalzi’s blog.


On Behalf of Nate

For those of you don’t know which Nate I mean, you can safely ignore this post.  Sorry about the distraction.

For the rest of you, Nate’s accounts (Livejournal, Facebook, Gmail) have been compromised and his passwords changed, so he has no access to them.  When he gets new accounts, I’ll post the new ones here.  Meanwhile, if he hasn’t replied to you (or sounds really weird), that’s why.


Update: Life keeps happening

Just random stuff that has, is, and will be happening.  Let’s see.  I now have health care.  I have surgery scheduled for August 22nd to install a defibrillator in my chest which ought to help keep me alive and will make me a Cyborg.  I now have a “partial denture,” which means that I can bite into things again, and great is my glee.  I’m still working on Hawk, albeit slowly.  I’m also working on an Incrementalist short story that my critique group savaged.  (Well, that’s not fair.  They didn’t savage it; they just said it didn’t work as is, and pointed to some ways to make it work.  That sort of thing would annoy me if they weren’t right).

Yesterday, helped give my friend John Sjogren the best. birthday. present. ever.

I have a full physical–the first one in years–scheduled for July 23rd.  I’ll be heading to Armadillocon at the end of the month.  Then back for August and some of September, then I’m planning an East Coast road trip culminating in Viable Paradise in early October.  Then I’ll be heading to MileHighCon in Denver.

I would love to have a first draft of Hawk finished by the time I leave for the East Coast, but it seems doubtful with how slow the damn thing feels like going.  On the other hand, that’s because the plot insisted on getting all twisty on me.  I kind of like it when a book does that–I think the last one that turned on me like that was Orca, and I was pleased with how it came out.

Back to Online Poker

Well, thanks to my friend Chris “Pokerfox” Wallace, I’m back to playing online poker.  Right now, playing for pitifully small stakes, but that’s okay.  Poker has been the best thing I’ve found to keep my fore-brain occupied while my hind-brain writes books for me.  The site is FeltStars, and they do, indeed, accept US players.  If you do sign up, use bonus code FOX150 for a nice bonus and rakeback.

See you at the tables.


Scalzi’s Latest: But I didn’t get MY say!

John “Breathtakingly Brilliant” Scalzi has made another breathtakingly brilliant post.  At 800 comments and late at night, he finally said “Enough,” especially because everyone was repeating himself (and anyone who didn’t notice the non-sex-specific “he” in that sentence might have problems with this conversation).  Point is, I had something to say about it, and, after reading all 800 comments, no one said it.  So I will say it here.

First, please read his post.

Okay, when I say it is ‘breathtakingly brilliant,” I mean it, because it has beautifully redefined things for me.  It was a classic case of, “You’re bothered by this metaphor, so let me give you a new metaphor without the emotional baggage, so that, just maybe, we can discuss the actual issue.”  It worked.

And, in so doing, it highlighted my problem with the whole, massive bundle.  My problem can be stated thus: All of this effort put into either a) How do we make the game more fair, or b) At least making us aware of how unfair the rules are,  makes it that much harder to focus on what is, to me, most important: THE FUCKING GAME SUCKS.

I don’t want to play it, I don’t want to be forced to play it, I don’t want strangers to have no choice but to play it; I don’t like smug assholes “dropping out” to live in the woods and then claiming they aren’t playing it.

The game needs to go.  It needs to be replaced by a game that doesn’t have a wealth stat, or an education stat, because those things are just always maxed for everyone.  It needs to be replaced by a game in which the stats are different talents, and the only thing to put points in are interests and passions.

John calls his game real life, and he’s right, it is.  But I passionately, deeply believe it isn’t the only choice for what real life can be.  Most people will believe my desire here is unrealistic, and dismiss it; but we must not forget that many of these people believe (or believed) that voting for Obama made a difference, so exactly who is unrealistic is open for debate.  In terms of material wealth and capacity for wealth production, there is, at present, enough to create the game I want, or at least get pretty close.   In order to concentrate on changing the rules for stat setting, you must believe the game is always going to be there, more or less the same.

I will never accept that.