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27 November 2018
by corwin

On Defining Prejudice

This is Steve, even though it says posted by Corwin. WordPress is screwed up. I’ve come across this before, but only recently have I seen it so perfectly expressed: “Only women can decide what is mysogeny, only people of color … Continue reading

28 August 2014
by corwin

MSS for Sale, or Rent

UPDATE AGAIN: We have listed the remaining items (so far unearthed, I guess there could be more but I’m pretty sure I don’t have ’em.) which are four Vlad novel MSS.    I think Athyra is the pick of the litter, here, … Continue reading

12 April 2014
by corwin


Probably my favorite Vlad book. So far, of course, but Phoenix is done and it probably won’t be so much more my favorite over time vs. when it came-out: time will tell, of course. In Hawk, Vlad makes some decisions … Continue reading