Viable Paradise 18 Report

Dreading the one-on-one about the story I couldn’t get into: Check

Being the only one in the small group who thought a story was wonderful: Check

That helpless feeling when I couldn’t fix a story: Check

That triumphant feeling when I could: Check

Too much alcohol and too little sleep: Check

Getting pissed off at fellow instructor only to realize it was caused by the above conditions: Check

Saved by the staff: Check

Fleeting unreasonable crush on student: Check

Seeing a student bounce about how TNH had fixed the whole story with just a couple of tweaks: Check

Absurd amounts of fun playing music: Check

Feeling unreasonably stupid: Check

Feeling unreasonably  smart: Check

Intense writing discussions where I learned more than I taught: Check

Being close to tears realizing that none of these wonderful new people would be back next year: Check

Yep, VP is over and I has a sad.  It was wonderful.  Thank you all.


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