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Hitting the Road, Yo


Tomorrow morning Jen and I take off for the East Coast, and Viable Paradise.  So very, very much fun.  For those who don’t know VP, it’s like Fourth Street, but lasts a week.  For those who don’t know Fourth Street, it’s like VP packed into a weekend.  And those are horribly inaccurate comparisons, except for the total immersion in writing that makes me feel I’m bouncing through the entire event. I am looking forward to meeting the new class of students.

Meanwhile, we’re working on a kickstarter for a Cats Laughing reunion concert at Minicon 50.  We’re hoping and expecting to launch the Kickstarter by the end of this week.  More details later, but for now I’ll just say Fucking Meow.

Oh, and Hawk comes out tomorrow.  There are a couple of reports that it has been spotted in the wild. Check your local bookstore?

And speaking of Hawk, there is a video of me reading the section immediately following the one posted here.

After VP, Jen and I are heading to Texas to hang out with Skyler White and family and finish up the 2nd Incrementalists novel.

Oh, there’s this interesting Agyar thing we’ve been kicking around. No, it isn’t a film. But if you love cool book artifacts and liked that book, it may be time to start getting excited.  Details, as always, when we know more.


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