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Oh, Jesus Fuck, Now I Have To Talk About #Gamergate


One reason I’ve wanted to stay out of the #GamerGate controversy was because I have no skin in the game; I’m not much of a gamer and I don’t read game reviews. For another, I dislike most “feminist criticism” for many reasons; for one, I believe it reinforces categories that we ought to be working to eliminate or reduce. And the controversy ties in with identity politics and social justice activism; my disagreements with these are well known.  On the whole I believe noticing things like dehumanizing treatment of women or offensive stereotypes of minorities in media doesn’t require feminist criticism; it just requires noticing when human beings are oversimplified, stereotyped, treated shabbily in art.

But now someone tried to start a campaign to get people to boycott Tor books because a particular Tor author has been vocal in his opposition to #GamerGate.

Okay, fuck that noise.

Gamergaters are trying to narrow discourse. This is wrong.

Gamergaters are using threats and intimidation to narrow discourse.  This is profoundly wrong.

And, moreover, the ones who aren’t idiots are assholes, except for those who are both.

There.  Is my position sufficiently clear?

I’m a Tor author. If you are keeping a list of those to boycott for being vocal in opposition to #GamerGate, please add me to it.



(If you’re not up to speed on this, you could check here and here. It isn’t pretty.)


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