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Saw “Lincoln” today with Jenphalian, Will Shetterly, and Emma Bull.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  The acting was universally brilliant.  Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln and Danial Day Lewis as Lincoln were amazing, James Spader was a delight, and Hal Holbrook was, as always, perfect.  Tommy Lee Jones stole the show.  The few minor historical liberties they took all seemed reasonable.  A truly splendid movie.  I want to see it again when it comes out on DVD, so I can catch things I missed the first time.

ETA: Okay, if I want to be really persnickety, I’ll say that in the one battle scene in the movie, there were too many bayonet wounds to be authentic.   Whatev.

I’m about to be traveling again–Texas once more to pick up my bird and visit friends.  I expect to be back a few days before Christmas.

My new home page should be up soon, thanks to Corwin and Felix.  I imagine there will be some glitches at first.  But if all goes well, it’ll be pretty cool.

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  1. If you noticed a watch ticking in some of the quieter scenes, that wasn’t random sound edited in. They discovered that one of Lincoln’s watches had survived, and were allowed to record it running to dub into the movie.

  2. Now that is REALLY cool. Some of us noticed it, and commented that they were very much aware that they were making a “ticking clock” movie; but that makes it even cool.

  3. We’d like to see ‘Lincoln’ with the boy, if you’re up for a second viewing while you’re in town …

  4. RE: Bayonet wounds. I’d guess it’s a deliberate choice intended to make the combat more immediate and visceral.

    Personally, I find depictions of the impersonality and randomness of bullet and artillery fire more frightening. And I suspect that element of the soldiers’ experience (the bewildering randomness) is lost by emphasizing the up-close bayonet charge…

    General musings aside, I’m encouraged to see Lincoln, now. Hope you enjoy your further viewing!

  5. About the new home page, I just want to point out that your ‘Books’ section has not been updated in five years. There might be some new ones to add to that list while the site is being revamped. :p

  6. Yep, that’s covered Ryan. Now we just have to see how long it’ll take to port it. I think it’s fairly major work, but Corwin and Felix are on it.

  7. I sat with my parents during the credits (after deciding, upon your judgment, to finally make a move and see it) and suddenly found that I was hearing “war of northern aggression” and “they needed the slaves to work their farms” and “seceding means peaceably leaving to do your own thing” and “people are petitioning to secede now” from behind me.

    I wasn’t sure whether to weep or throw up.

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