Texas Wisdom #63

A student approached Billy-Bob Gautama and said, “Goat, did you ever think about getting married?”  “Thought about it,” said Billy-Bob.  “Well,” said the student, “how come you didn’t do it?”  “It’s like this,” said Billy-Bob.  “The first woman I thought about marrying was pretty as a prairie sunset, but turned out she was meaner than a snake.  Next woman I thought about was kind and gentle, but we never had anything to talk about.  Next woman was someone I could talk to all day, but she had no sense of humor.  Then, in Bastrop, I met a woman who was funny, smart, pretty, good to talk to, and sweet as the summer is hot.  Yessir, she was the perfect woman.”  “So,” said the student.  “Why didn’t you marry her?”  “Well,” said Billy-Bob, “turned out she was looking for the perfect man.”

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  1. I cannot but contrast this with the wisdom expressed by the narrator in _Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grille_ when he realizes his girlfriend is sleeping with a friend of his.

    On this topic, at least, Goat’s got nothing on Feng.

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