Texas Wisdom #41

One day a student came to Billy-Bob Gautama and said, “Goat, a fellow has just driven up from San Antonio and says he came to pick a fight with you. He’s waiting for you at The Roundup. ” “Very well,” said Billy-Bob. “Tell him I will be there in five minutes.” In five minutes Billy-Bob came into The Roundup and saw the stranger, who was about 6’8″ and had arms hanging out like a gorilla. The stranger started calling Billy-Bob all sorts of names, and then started talking about his mother, and his sister, and Billy-Bob just stood there smiling. At last, the stranger ran down and said, “Well, now I know you’re a pussy, and I’m going back to San Antonio and tell everyone.” With that, the stranger walked out.

The student said, “Goat, I don’t see how you could just stand there and take all that.” Billy-Bob smiled and said, “If an insult is offered you, and you do not accept it, who has it?  Besides, I’d already put a stick of dynamite in his tail pipe.”

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  1. Seems like that could represent a hazard to other motorists. In the future maybe consider C-4, with a detonator set to go off after the truck is next put in Park for a while.

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