0 thoughts on “Texas Wisdom #40”

  1. If there is perspiration on the brow then the A/C is not doing its job.

    Unless I’ve missed something deeper.

  2. Nice. Who knew BBG was a philosopher and a poet?

    I think technically he shouldn’t have mentioned the season directly in a haiku, but should have used a kigo associated with the season. Something like, say, “Buzzing cicadas” (do cicadas buzz?)

  3. winter garden
    the moon thinned to a thread
    insects singing
    – Basho

    spring rain–
    a child gives a dance lesson
    to the cat
    — Issa

    He says a word,
    and I say a word – autumn
    is deepening.
    — Takahama

    First autumn morning:
    the mirror I stare into
    shows my father’s face.
    — Murakami

  4. Bah. Stupid article on kigo lied to me, evidently. Good references though. Guess BBG knows more about haiku than I do.

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