Cats Laughing

Will Shetterly has been putting some old Cats Laughing tunes online.  I miss that band the way you miss a lover you’ve never gotten over.  I’ve been listening to the downloads, and I’m agreeably disappointed to find that my drumming didn’t suck as much as I thought it did at the time.  Emma and Lojo sing like, well, like really good singers.

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  1. Ditto here and the kids enjoy them as well (we have cassettes though-they could break so I get nervous playing them too often). Of course, the kids are getting older and for reasons I can’t comprehend keep asking me to stop my incessant playing of Richard Thompson and let them listen to the pop music radio station. My 13 year old daughter claims that for the first few years of her life she was under the impression that Richard Thompson was the only musician in the world. Really unfair that, there was Linda.

  2. Wow, I had forgotten about the guest appearance in Excalibur #5! Time to dig through my old geek storage.

  3. Wow – you covered Gloomy Sunday?

    Next you’ll tell us you own a black cat, walk under ladders, and throw rocks at every mirror you come across.

    Live Dangerously!

  4. Yes I miss Cats as well. You were way ahead of your time. I still have The Toluzzi Collection of live shows which I treasure. If CL had held on a little longer, you would have been at the forefront of the Jam band explosion that occured a few years later. It might have been difficult for you to keep writing books while on National tour, but I think you might have been up to the challenge. The music you made with Cats is a legacy to be as proud of as your written work.

  5. Not bad, not bad at all. If I were sitting in a bar and hearing this band, it wouldn’t be a distraction,

  6. Doc: I wonder how the others would feel about making some of those live shows available for download.

  7. Yeah, I still listen to the recordings, too. I have them on my iPod. It was a magical combination.

  8. skzb:
    I’ve given some thought about turning then digital. The Seward Cafe “Peter’s benefit” show is just too low grade in quality to be usable, but I might be able to work something with one or two of the others. I’ll dig in and see what can be turned up. If they are decent I would be happy to send on to you, and the rest of the band to decide if you want the material out in the wide world. As far as I’m concerned, the more people who hear just what you folks accomplished, the better. I have more than once in recent years heard the phrase, “The Legendary Cats Laughing.” It’s a sentiment I agree with.

  9. Much love to the cats, it was the best rockshow I ever saw at the Seward Cafe. Years later Emma got to see my fledgling college band at a legalization rally, then remembered us years later at the Winnipeg folk festival.

  10. Hey, I’m the Toluzzi referred to above! And I’ve gotten pretty decent with remastering old recordings to make them sound better. Get in touch and maybe I can help with the digital transfers… Good to hear your conversations! Um, contact me at petert23ATcomcastDOTnet

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