Fourth Street Fantasy Convention

For those unfamiliar with it, the Fourth Street Fantasy Convention is a fairly small convention that ran during the 80s. It’s oriented toward, well, how to read and write better. Or, put another way, it’s a convention of people who like to read, write, and edit good books, and want there to be more good books to read, write, and edit.

We’re bringing it back. I’m heading up the programming. My approach to programming is: What are some questions I want to hear smart people argue about so I can learn stuff from it. A few of the panel topics this year are: “Pushing buttons for fun and profit;” “Stealing from the mainstream and doing it better;” “What the hell IS ‘structure,’ anyway?” Stuff like that.

Our Guest of Honor is Elizabeth Bear. The dates are June 20-22, 2008. The place is Minneapolis. For more information, check here.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, we’d love to see you there.

If you’re interested in being on a panel, let me know via my email address, which you can find on my web site.

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  1. Since I was directed here from Bear’s LJ, perhaps this is the place to remind you that a panel on Shadow Unit will be necessary to appease the millions of frantic fans. Would you believe hordes of interested fans? Would you believe I’ll attend even if no one else does?

  2. I wish I made enough money to travel to these things. Bah. But hopefully if ya’ll are reviving it, you’ll continue it too and maybe I can go next year. Good luck with the plans!

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