Shadow Unit: Elevator Speculations

For those of you who saw the latest episode, I have a weird one. In that bit where Chaz has that split-second of, “Uh, oh…” on the way down to the office, and then nothing happens (with that great line about salmon souffle–God, that was lovely), it seems to me he makes this really quick glance at the blank wall of the elevator. Was that a bloop, or my imagination, or a hint? In other words, is there something, uh, special about that elevator that we might or might not find out about later? Did anyone else even see it?

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  1. Was that the part where if you watch very closely you see a one-eyed woman holding a katana reflected in the metal trim?

  2. I missed that glance, apparently, and I didn’t record the episode so I can’t go back and confirm that you’re right.

    However, assuming you are right, that might be the payoff for the Del Floria’s Tailor Shop reference from earlier in the episode. I was waiting for that to turn into something.

  3. The payoff for the Tailor shop refererence is right in Chaz’s pocket. If you look closely (you have to slow-mo to do it) He has one of the Man from U.N.C.L.E com pens in his pocket. As far as the elevator, that one is a bit tricky to catch but the eleveator panel matches one of the panel doors used in the old Get Smart opeinings.

  4. If you grab the frame and zoom in, with a little enhancement you can see that the elevator control panel has a SHADO logo. Maybe just a nod to the old UFO series, because of the coincidence of the related name, but maybe it means there are aliens involved, or else perhaps there is a secret facility hidden in the building? Recall that in UFO, the film studio elevator gave access to the underground base.

  5. I bet they are totally going to pay off that moment later. Cause if it was supposed to be setup for something they had to cut they would have cut that scene too, right? :)

    Talesya, that was when he comes through the glass doors in the lobby onto the street. And theres that little flash of light off the blade that’s just like the bit at the end with the knife the gamma goes for (I torrent every episode off Pirate Bay and rewatch like SIX TIMES, omg I’m such a fangirl.)

    Miramon, I read on a fansite that they were going to use the SHADO thing really big on a sign (coffeeshop???), but they couldn’t get permission. So they did that. Hah!

    YES the salmon souflee line was SO ADORABLE! And Worth just gives him that look. Like, Oh you are so lucky we like geeks. <3

  6. coffee cowgirl: Yeah, I love that look. I think when someone comes up with a Shadow Unit drinking game, that look from Worth is going to have to be one of the triggers.

    Hmm…speaking of which, there really should be a Shadow Unit drinking game, shouldn’t there?

  7. Well, mirror stuff always pays off somehow, so I wonder if the woman with the katana is some sort of foreshadowing regarding Falkner, because of course she studies kendo.

    The actress playing Worth has a better eyeroll than many large dogs. She’s awesome. You know she used to be a stand-up comic?

  8. I don’t think I’m getting the joke.
    Are you guys so in tune with one another that you share an imagination? Or is there video for Shadow Unit somewhere? I thought it didn’t start until the 18th (without video)?
    Clue me in?

  9. Maybe there is an alternate world where Shadow Unit is a regular TV show. If so, I’m sure it isn’t on Fox.

  10. Then…where did you see the elevator?
    I’m obviously missing something, and I want to see!

  11. I notice that this post is being blocked by internet filter for being about “crime”.

    I think that’s pretty clever of skzb, since that is exactly what happened to to the tech guy Chaz asked for help. (And did everybody catch the phony website that caused it: ispies-dot-net? That makes the cameo by the tennis pros in the first episode even funnier.)

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