0 thoughts on “my nam is merlin”

  1. Unless the bird’s name is Nimue, Merlin, you should be all right.

    And all cats are butiful… :-)

  2. hi merlin its tika n im fat- i mean- big n byootiful 2 n i think birdz r gud — 4 DINER!!!! mrowahahahahaha…. ohshitz mommee comin better git…

  3. Oh. My. Gods. Ok, this LOLcat thing is mildly amusing to be sure, but you used one of OUR cats in a LOLcat-speak message?

    Oh, and you spelled his name wrong. He prefers the more catlike “Merrlyn”. We both may never speak to you again, just so you know.

    Anyway, if either of the cats were to use LOLspeak, it would be Shalomar–though she’d only be doing it for the attention value.

  4. Merlin, dude, you’re a much more impressive typist than my cat. The last message she managed to send was “]]]'”

    Which greatly confused my friend on IM, who clearly is not up on feline shorthand.

  5. is not lolspeak cuz thats dum i don’t talk that way and my name is splet how i want nah nah nah sined your big butiful cat murlin

    skwid /]//] meens feed me tuna

  6. Oh, well, sure, and maybe she just made a typo…but “]]]” means “I will devour your soul,” which really makes much more sense when you get to know Harley.

  7. 13 posts and we’re already posting what our cats say. Have we run out of things to say so quickly? :P

    Seriously, here’s a picture of his bootifulness.

  8. Am I the only one who is (forcibly?) reminded by this thread that I should re-read the excellent Tailchaser’s Song by Tad Williams?


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