Congratulations to the WFC winners

Especially to Midori Snyder and Terri Windling for special award, non-professional (although: huh?) and to Ellen Datlow for the anthology Inferno.

And, out of courtesy to their sensibilities I will not now be gnashing my teeth and screaming about rigged elections because neither Will Shetterly nor Emma Bull won.  They would certainly not appreciate such a display on any level.

So I will quietly pout.

More Shadow Unit Reruns

Man, I am so ready for the next season!  I was watching a rerun this afternoon, and there’s is this scene in the bullpen.   Wile Lau and Haf are bantering in the foreground, in the background Rhyes drops a folder in front of Brady, and Brady looks at the folder, looks at Rhyes, then just pushes it off to the side.  Rhyes nods and walks away, and that’s it.  Is there a whole story there, or what?  Anyone catch it, and have any ideas?

Shadow Unit Reruns

I’ve been watching the reruns, and among the things I didn’t notice the first time around is the episode where Worth shows up with a cast on her arm, and there’s no explanation for it, and nothing ever happens with it and no one comments on it.  Is it a clever bit of backstory, or is there something I missed, or is something being set up for next season?