More Shadow Unit Reruns

Man, I am so ready for the next season!  I was watching a rerun this afternoon, and there’s is this scene in the bullpen.   Wile Lau and Haf are bantering in the foreground, in the background Rhyes drops a folder in front of Brady, and Brady looks at the folder, looks at Rhyes, then just pushes it off to the side.  Rhyes nods and walks away, and that’s it.  Is there a whole story there, or what?  Anyone catch it, and have any ideas?

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Site administrative account, so probably Corwin, Felix or DD-B.

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  1. If you’re thinking about the part where Lau and Gates were bantering about different flavors of ice cream and their psychological significance, then yeah, I saw it.

    Didn’t Reyes give a folder to Duke as he was on the way to the coffee, and Duke glanced at it and handed it back? I wonder if it was the same folder.

  2. Well duh, of course we’re being set up! The question is, will it be a running gag like Friday’s Last Doughnut, or will it be Doomful Sadness like Chaz’ parentage?

    I’m betting on Doomful Sadness, myself. John Ford goes absolutely still every time Duke realizes the Awful Troof (and why he doesn’t have a Supporting Actor Emmy is *beyond* me)–and it was there for just a flash when he saw the folder. Collier-as-Brady doesn’t have a tell that I’ve noticed, but there’s a difference between his deadpan and his stoneface….

  3. You know, you’re right about Brady–there IS a difference between his deadpan and his stoneface. I’d never thought about that.

    I’m guessing it is something with a personal connection like Chaz’s parentage, but not about Chaz–they don’t repeat tricks like that. Hmmm…Lau?

  4. Mmmmmmaybe. I think it’s more likely to be Falkner; she and Reyes are the only ones we haven’t seen any trauma on, right? And Reyes is hardly likely to hand over a folder containing his own Doomful Sadness.

  5. You may be right. Something about the look when Reyes hands it over–no, I’m imagining things. You’re probably right. Damn, I wish next season would start!

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