Being Patrons

Hello Dreamcafe! This is Jen, here to post about Steve’s Patreon. If you like Steve’s work and would like to put in some monthly money to help him keep writing with less financial stress, now is an excellent time for it! Steve posts updates on his writing progress to the Patrons, and occasional Dreamcafe posts will be released to Patrons early. More rewards may be released in the future, too.

There are a bunch of great writers on Patreon, actually, so maybe poke around the site a little.

6 thoughts on “Being Patrons”

  1. I’ve already done this. I feel so nymic. No, wait. That joke really doesn’t work.

    Unlike Patreon. Help Steve retain control of the means of production!

  2. I was happy to be able to do this, how can we expect the man to describe a meal at Valabar’s when he’s running out of onions?

  3. Just as soon as my own (very first!) monthly patron payment comes through, I’ll be signing up!

  4. Auuugh! Why are you doing this to me just as I’m having to cancel all of my Patreon subscriptions because I’m officially out of money! T_T

  5. I was thrilled when Steve started the Patreon. I’ll buy everything he writes, of course, because that’s the best way to show my support in our current, outmoded, Late -Capitalist system. Until the people’s revolution, Patreon is a good way to let him know he’s supported between books! Keep on keeping on, Steve!

  6. Can I suggest something the complements Patreon? I’m a CS professor and have been working on a tool that helps readers contribute (each according to their ability) to bloggers in proportion to the time they spend reading those blogs. You can read about it at . I’d love to help you set it up on the Dream Cafe (it should only take 5 minutes).

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