Progress Report

As requested, here’s how things are going:

I’m approaching the halfway  point in Vallista.  At my current rate of work, the draft should be done within about three months,  maybe sooner.  Then it goes to my critique group, gets revised, gets turned in, line edited, &c.  If I had make a wild-ass guess about when it’ll be on the shelves, I’d say 18 months.

Also, Incrementalists #2 with Skyler White, called The Skill of Our Hands, should be out early in 2017.

I’ve also finished another novel, called Good Guys, which is still under consideration, so no guess when or if that will be out.

Thanks for your interest.


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22 thoughts on “Progress Report”

  1. Thank you Steve! I will buy them all when they come. Probably multiple copies… :)

  2. Excited about Vallista, already know I love the next Incrementalists book, and very curious about Good Guys!

  3. Do you give hints on things like where in the timeline of events Vallista will take place? If not, I totally understand. I am going to buy the physical hard-cover from my locally-owned brick and mortar book store when the time is right. The time will be right on the first day the work is available for sale.

  4. Thank you for the update on Vallista. i’m jonesing for some new Vlad.

    If you get a moment and would like to expand on “Good Guys” being under consideration, i’d love to read about that…

  5. Thanks for the update Steve! I’m a die-hard Vlad fan, one of the select series close to my heart. (I’m still working my way sloowly through Hawk)

  6. Steve, “right before Hawk” – that would be… interesting. Because Hawk seemed to be directly after Tiassa – its final part, that is.

  7. Thank you for the update, Steve. Any blurbs or hints you can release about Incrementalists #2 or Good Guys?

    Thanks for your imagination and letting us share…

  8. Looking forward to Villette (Sorry, Vallista), even if I really want to know what happened after Hawk. A search for Good Guys comes up with hot rods, auto sales, cruelty-free shoes, and a novel by Dean Koontz. While I’m guessing you didn’t cowrite the book with Neil Gaiman, I’m curious to learn what it’s about.

  9. I’ve been reading you since Jhereg came out. I was 16 years old. Now, my 17 year old son has read the entire vlad series. He loves them. Plus, you never sold out. Keep up the good work!

  10. James: Good Guys is a contemporary urban fantasy. Incrementalists #2 is called The Skill of Our Hands and is largely Oskar’s book, although our old friends are very much involved. It is set in Tucson.

    David: Yeah, it’s still languishing at the publisher’s. I hope they’ll want it.

    Thanks, Patrick. Actually, I tried to sell out several times, but no one was buying.

  11. Just finished a re-read of the Taltos books, and am now most of the way thru the Khaavren romances. Has there been any thought to doing a Khaavren romance version of Count of Monte Cristo? I think it would be cool to find that as part of the back story of Orca. Heading to Patreon to do my part in supporting a brilliant writer.

  12. Can’t wait. Just re-read the series. Any chance Paarfi will tackle the rebellion against the Jenoine and /or the founding of the empire?

  13. Thank you for the update. I’m enjoying everything about your audio books except that the tecklas accent are from south London UK from where i come from. I thought that my accent lends itself more to jhereg. Barlens crack.

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