I Wonder Where They Get The Idea

Problem: Someone on foreign soil is suspected of terrorist activities.
Solution: Kill him with a drone.

Problem: Foreign government acting against US interests.
Solution: Arrange a military coup.

Problem: Anti US activities in a foreign country.
Solution: Bomb it (if a few innocent civilians get killed, so what).

Problem: Major organized activity that interferes with profits of US corporations.
Solution: Military invasion, mass casualties, martial law.

Problem: Someone low on the social scale fails to give a cop proper “respect.”
Solution: Shoot him a dozen or so times.

Problem: I got fired from my job, I don’t like how my classmates treat me, I oppose abortion, I’ve been rejected by a lady.
Solution: ????

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6 thoughts on “I Wonder Where They Get The Idea”

  1. Seems to me that humans are devolving back to primal brain. Answer to every problem seems to be violence. Fear is powerful. Right now more people are reacting to their fear by hurting and killing that which they don’t understand.

  2. All of the above are exemplary instances of the difference between explanations and excuses.

  3. In an increasingly complicated world economy, it isn’t obvious how to solve problems. Any simple solution runs into problems from city government, or state or federal government, and with GATT etc it can turn into a problem for international law.

    Alexander found a solution to the Gordian Knot. Individuals can’t expect to solve the world’s problems but at least in trying to simplify things they can go out with a bang.

  4. Just be decisive! No details needed when you are smarter and richer and handsomer than everybody else. The enemy will recognize your superiority and your rightful authority will follow!

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