House for rent in Las Vegas

Since I can’t sell my Vegas house in the current market, it’s up for rent.  Thanks to BJ, Anne Gray, and Neil for much helping in getting into shape to rent out.  The Craigs List ad is here.

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  1. I just … passed… on a “job offer” to pay me less money than I’m making now to go work supporting software that I don’t know in Las Vegas… a city I don’t really like (no offense to those who do).

    Otherwise, I’d be all over this.

  2. Good grief, a 3 bed 2 bath house with a hot tub for $1000 a month? Man, the Vegas market is surely depressed. I’m awfully sorry you’re stuck in it. Las Vegas is probably the most Verra-be-damned place in the country for real estate right now.

    I do know at least one fellow who is considering a move to Las Vegas, if he can effect a transfer with his company, and I will most assuredly pass on this listing to him.

  3. The Google Maps link goes nowhere and the Yahoo maps links points to the middle of Nevada (some sort of dirt track, I think).

  4. Well, I got laid off and will take a job wherever I can get it as long as it’s comparable cost of living wise to the pay I got before, so if I end up in Vegas, I will definitely let you know.

  5. Your add fails to mention “Previous residence of the famous US novelist, Steven Brust.”

    That would be a serious selling point.

  6. Sheeee-utt! I’m renting a one bedroom apartment for more than that in the DC area.

    I’d imagine the job market approximates the housing market out there.

  7. Like the looks of this…looking like a snowbird kinda plan might work some day.
    That makes me smile.

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