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Bunches of cool stuff are up for auction this week, all proceeds going toward Reesa Brown’s medical expenses.  There are even a few things from that Brust guy, in case anyone around here is interested. The auction runs through Saturday night, so those of you who don’t get paid until Friday will still have time to spend your pennies in a good cause!

EDIT: from Brad — “As incentive to everyone to bid higher…I’ll match the auction total. Yup, so everyone’s bid is worth double.” That’s right, any bid you make will double the help we get towards our medical bills, so go visit and make your bid, you have until 11:59pm Saturday May 15th!

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  1. Can you offer an autographed copy of To Reign in Hell?

    I have a Golden Retriever just like Beezlebub?

    I will bid on other stuff, but I would spend more money on this.

  2. Thanks Mark for pointing out a missed clarification point! We double-checked all the rest of the entries to make sure any location-specific ones were clearly noted, and yes the Robie Kentspeth item is specific to the Austin area. Most of the auction items are able to be shipped, even ones like the wrap-pants that are customizable to measurements. On the other hand, the in-home prepared meal/occasion cake, spinning lessons, and yoga classes are all location-specific (but giftable to someone local if someone remote wished to buy and transfer the service).

  3. Is it to late to offer items for auction? Would there be interest in photos of birds? I mean, people have paid actual money for them…

  4. As incentive to everyone to bid higher.. I’ll match the auction total. Yup, so everyone’s bid is worth double.

    (Would someone toss that at the top of the auction page? Thanks!)

  5. @Alaska Fan – We decided against adding too much once the auction started, but we’ve gotten enough interest that this may be something we try again — I’ve certainly enjoyed seeing the variety of neat art and services people have donated, and watching the bids on the auction is it’s own enjoyable fun. We will post here if we decide to have another auction later on so you’ll know when we’ll be collecting more auction items.

    @Brad – Wow, thank you so much! Edited the auction page to reflect new info.

  6. Cool auction, managed to resist the urge to buy wonderful things full of carbs. Instead have something useful and entertaining. Thanks to you all.

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