Negative: My new favorite word

For those who aren’t following the situation with Reesa, we got the pathology today from the tests after the mastectomies, and all tests are negative.  All indications are they got all the cancer.

We are very happy people here.

I will probably be falling into little pieces very soon.

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0 thoughts on “Negative: My new favorite word”

  1. *o/* *o/* *o/* !

    Also, whew.

    (As soon as I get this story finished, I have to go over to her blog and tell her the story about a friend of mine and her husband, um, window shopping.)

  2. Mazel frickin’ tov! And yes, fall into little pieces. You can expect to.

    My lady is also still negative almost 2 years after the major surgery. I just read her your post. She says, “Good! And what is the plan for treatment going forward?” That’s not something I expect you necessarily want to post, but it’s an essential question for you guys to consider.

    Warmest wishes,

  3. Excellent! And, my wife being a breast cancer survivor, we understand about the falling-to-little-pieces.
    Possy thots to you both!

  4. This made me smile, and I don’t personally know either of you! Great news.

  5. You’re absolutely right. NEGATIVE is the most beautiful word in the entire world.

  6. I’m sure all the banjo practice had something to do with it. High fives all around!

  7. I’ll go grab a couple tubes of super glue and a few rolls of ducttape to help recover from the impending falling to pieces.

  8. Also from the land of “been there, done that,” Negative is an excellent word indeed.

  9. You’ve been great! You totally deserve to fall to pieces as you need. I may do a little of that myself here soon. *whew* yay!

  10. Have you offered up a prayer to Verra?

    I don’t know. I just wanted to say something other than, “Congratulations”, and for some reason I find myself encountering thinker’s block. Well, not really, but everything I’m coming up with is stupid. So allow me to quote a song. But, good sir, you need to be the one to sing to her:

    If the flickering light of your campfire dims,
    The world grows smaller,
    It’s closing in;
    I’m standing here,
    And I want you to live.

    I know these are the times we find out who we really are.
    This will be when a true friend stands at your side;
    Someone like me who wants to
    Believe in the days of high times and innocence,
    Drawing the lines and shouting back to the night—
    Someone like me who wants you to live.

    I mean, you know, I’m just not in a position to say it. Still, though: Reesa, stand tall. Good show. Tonight the stars sing for you. And we all want you to live.

  11. All I can say is “Whoo hoooo!”. I’ve friends in all stages of treatment right now, and I just hope everyone’s news is this good.

  12. That’s fantastic! Especially after the initial announcement of her situation sounded very, very grim. Wonderful news! I echo all in saying I’m hoping for a long future of continuing good news. :)
    Praise science!

  13. That’s good. Real good. It is a wonderful word to hear, and to be. Congrats to everyone there, keep on with the healing and being strong…

  14. Excellent news like everyone else said. Absolutely. Well wishes.

    I would also just like to say I’m glad that (after reading the title) you aren’t into a weird phase were you’d started saying negative instead of no and doing so with a funny little hand motion a la Donald Trump.

  15. Up here in Canuck land April 6 turned bleak and damp and clammy cold after a summer teaser weekend. I popped into your blog for a warm up as my 4th coffee of the morn wasn’t doing the trick….this did. This is heart warming, slow gentle smile worthy – thank you for sharing as always.

    Best to you both.

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