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  1. I think it would be more appropriate for Cory Doctorow to be concerned over whether you like his book. Who is he compared to you, as a writer? I’ve read his stuff and I’ve read your stuff and yours stomps his into the dirt.

  2. Have you read Little Brother? I thought it was amazing. And, really, we aren’t about comparing writing chops here in any case; he’s someone I respect a great deal both personally and professionally; I’m delighted with the review. Don’t rain on my cliche.

  3. Never read anything by him, but I will based on your statements…

    Certainly Jhegaala was a thoroughly satisfying book, and like all of the series rewards repeat reading (as I am now re-reading the entire series after carefully destroying my house looking for my copies…)

  4. I read Little Brother.

    I found it preachy and contrived; the plot was driven entirely too much by coincidence — not just the initial event, but too much of what came after.

    Mileage varies, obviously.

  5. Vlad has grown, and nothing brings that more to the fore than reading the books in order of publication and seeing some sequential growth and some that is more obvious because juxtaposition. What I’ve enjoyed most about the Vlad books, though, is the freshness of general trope (if that’s the right word, never took English after HS). It’s always (with the notable exception) Vlad’s narration, but the demands of the story create a different style of narrative in the same voice.

    Neat trick, that.

  6. Congratulations. To be praised by one you respect is surely one of the finest things in life.

  7. It is good that he likes your book, but I wanna like your book also…I hate having to wait!

  8. Nice review very much mirrors my thoughts. You know you have a true luv for the works of a writer when the positive reviews make you feel warm even somewhat fuzzy inside ;n)

    Decent site as well I signed up as I like all things wonderful as well.

  9. By the way, I know skzb and others here like Zelazny a lot. I just noticed that an old unpublished novel of his has recently seen light of day:



    I know people here admired his work, and don’t see it on anyone’s link or bookmark list, so in case this is actually news to anyone, posting it here as the most relevant recent thread.

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