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Um, so it looks like I won’t be getting back to work on Adam Smith right away; I appear to have left the book in Missoula, so I’ll have to wait until either I get the hotel to send it to me, or I buy another copy.  Ooops.

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  1. I’m not big on writing in library books. However, used books are another matter; going to check that today (just called the hotel, and they can’t find it).

  2. I heard Mr. Obama use a phrase today, “economic justice”. It caused me to wonder, what exactly does this justice entail?

  3. Steve, that’s a bit inconsiderate isn’t it?

    Some of these guys are only millionaires now.

  4. OK, expound on that if you would; other than the obvious removing tax shelters, loopholes, etc. My first reaction was that it is naive to expect that based on the golden rule; he with the gold makes the rules.

  5. So… dying to know what you think of Mr. Smith. Also, I am assuming you are interested in more than just the economics… the time period?

  6. Mostly after some understanding of how rent works. That’s the chapter I’m fighting my way through now. As for what I think of Mr. Smith, well, I think I’ve been saying all along, haven’t I?
    He was obviously brilliant, and very thorough. Most of the flaws I’ve seen so far can be traced to the lack of available information–it’s difficult to analyze factory production before there were factories.

  7. My apologizes, I just started listening. Missed what you what you said earlier.

    I downloaded Wealth of Nations from the Gutenberg site. Is interesting. I downloaded your Firefly story. Is more interesting.

  8. Heyya, Steve! This is Mary, who you yelled at back at Marcon a year or two, telling me to finish the bloody novel.

    I’ve finally started to write again. Yeay! Seems all it took was a fountain pen and journaling about 1000 words/day for half a month.

    However, I’m nowhere near the Dee-no-ment. ;-)

  9. Mary! Great to hear from you! Wish you could make Fourth Street this year, you’d love it. Good to hear you’re back at it. Warm regards to your fountain pen. I can’t wait for the DEE-no-ment. :-)

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