It’ll work if you let it

Our friend Nathan is over, and we took the opportunity to introduce him to the 1980 movie “Roadie.”  I’ve been in love with that movie ever since Michael Butler first made me watch it, but now that I live in Texas it’s even better.  As it started, I ran to the fridge and grabbed a Shiner.

“I can’t believe you’ve never heard of Alice.  Alice Cooper.  Don’t you read tee-shirts?”

For anyone who knows the movie–the credits say that Ramblin Jack Elliot plays himself; can anyone tell me exactly who and where he is in the film?

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  1. The only time I heard of Ramblin’ Jack Elliot was watching the following movie (I see monthly screenings with my public radio membership).

    Speaking of which title, I have been looking up lyrics for my iPod, and note that so very often the lyrics drop the final g in -ing. But listening to songs with and without the g, I rarely hear any difference. They also often leave out apostrophes – even with lower case spellings of ill instead of I’ll. I certainly can’t hear that difference. I wonder what causes this style.

  2. I’d never heard of it, but just by the cast list it looks like fun. Does Alice Cooper’s radio show make it out to Texas?

  3. Wow… going to have to dig this one up somehow. I see Alan Rudolph was the director. I’ve always loved ‘The Moderns’ and ‘Choose Me’ — both are a treat if you love out of the ordinary characterizations and [in the case of The Moderns] nifty ‘cameos’ of historical literary figures from 1930’s Paris.

  4. Jeff @ 2: I’m not sure.

    Ben @ 4: Bryan/College Station

    Highwayman @ 6: I know, and I got to meet him on one amazing evening that I should talk about one day. That’s why I why I want to figure out where he is in the movie.

  5. I figured that… just, in my exuberance at finding such a cool personage… I got carried away :)


    p.s. Definitely talk about it! Totally interested!
    p.p.s. Make a character in a Vlad novel based on him! (if you haven’t already) (mind you just a suggestion ;)

  6. hey steve,

    it’s slightly off-topic (although you DID mention Texas), but I just read that you’ll be attending ConDFW (info on their website)!

    Hope that’s true ? :)
    They haven’t got anything on that yet in their programming – will you be doing panels?

    See you at conDFW,


  7. Speaking of indepenent music… you should make a music thread. I’m always looking for new and interesting artists. Or old and interesting. Heh.

  8. This is completely off topic, but I had a question for Steve: I’m making chicken paprikash tonight or tomorrow. What would you recommend serving with it? Rice? Some potato variant? A nice red wine?

  9. One is supposed to use a thing called galuska, a kind of dumpling; but I’m too lazy to make that, so I generally just use rice.

    A red wine with enough body to keep up with it. Bulls Blood of Egar (Egri Bikaver) is the cannonical choice.

  10. We weren’t too far off from the galuska. I tried to make spaetzle, but I did something wrong because it may have been heavier than lead. Rice sounds a lot easier.

    We also toasted slices of bread and rubbed garlic on them, then soaked them in the sauce. It was sublime.

    Thank you for the wine recommendation. I will keep an eye out for it.

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