Yay Me

I happened to notice a comment in my LJ from some months ago pointing out that last September marked 25 years since the publication of Jhereg. 25 years. Weeee!

Overall, the best summation of my career so far is something Jerry Garcia said in response to a question about the annoyances of his lifestyle. He said something like, the idea that people are willing to pay money to be entertained by me is so amazing, it would be really small of me to complain about any part of it.

Yeah. Like that.

I love this life.

Thank you, people, for making it possible.


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  1. As someone whose been reading your books for the last 25 years, thank you. Thank you very much.

  2. …wait–isn’t that the Silver anniversary? Oh, dear–what you get you. I kid, but only a little.

    Congratulations, and thank you Steven, for all of the adventures you’ve given me, and the characters I’ve met along the way. Loiosh has always been a fave.

  3. My 25 year old copy is sitting on my nightstand right now. I picked it up again last week to read it yet again. And still as good as it was the first time. It really is one of my favorites. Thanks for Vlad.

  4. I’m very glad to hear you’re finding it rewarding, cause I sure am as well. Party on, dude!

  5. Wow. I still remember, David and I were living in Massachusetts and were the fan guests of honor at Minicon that year. You picked us up at the airport and were hoping we’d notice that you were sporting one of the buttons that Minicon gave out to professional writers. We didn’t, though, and you had to tell us. “Ace bought the sucker!”

    And good for them, and better for you. I still love that book, but you are light-years past it in what you’re doing now, and every step of the way has been a delight.

    (Well, except that Cowboy Feng’s depresses, me, but hey.)


  6. I still remember stealing my first copy of Jhereg from my high school library. Been eagerly awaiting each installment of Vlad’s adventures ever since…

  7. you deserve it. you’re absolutely amazing and inspiring to so many people, and here’s to many future years where you continue to do so.

  8. Yes, twenty five years. That’s awesome. Eagerly awaiting the next installation, as always.
    Amazing how, in good times and bad, the words still keep coming.
    Thank you for the many, many hours (days, more likely) of joy.
    May there be many more years..

  9. Thanks for creating a wonderful story and world that inspired us and brought us so much joy.

  10. Steve….
    Thank YOU for your continued growth of characters and wonderful stories to the extent that I have pushed for each one of my sons to have the middle name of Taltos…(Corwin Taltos to be exact, you and I both share the love of Zelazny)..hasn’t happened yet…but there may be one more……….
    Oh yeah….thanks for making me feel old since I have been reading Vlad since day one :P

  11. I still remember how blown away I was by Jhereg. My best friend in high school introduced me to it and Yendi and I was hooked. Good ole’ Vlad!

    I re-read it about once a year or so…never gets old.

  12. Thank you, Steve, for 25 years. I can still remember looking at the cover of Jhereg and thinking, “I hope this isn’t another Anne McCaffery talking dragons thing…”

    “The strange action of the bodyguards” still strikes me as a brilliant bit of business.

    Jeghaala was just as exciting, just as surprising, and I look forward to Iorich. Thanks so much for sticking to it.

  13. As someone who first found your books 17 or so years ago (and stole them from the library I’m sorry to admit) thank you for such fantastic books. Vlad was with me through many crap times, and him and Morrolan even became pet rats for awhile.. (Vlad was as bad tempered as you’d expect)

    I lent Jhereg out, and I think it’s been stolen now too. Full circle.

    Thank you. :)

  14. The first one I read was Taltos and I consumed Jhereg, Yendi and Teckla as soon as I found someone I could borrow them from (I have my own copies now). I’m still boggled that you embarked on so ambitious a project so early in your career and continue to carry it off — and continue to surpass yourself. Loved Jhegaala, looking forward to Iorich………….

  15. same college roommate introduced me to D&D and Vlad Taltos. Haven’t played D&D since the early ’90’s, but I am still reading Vlad and Khaavren. The Horse! Keep up the good work!

  16. Today my best friend braught me the books you signed for me at icon. I didn’t get the chance to thank you for all the amazing moments so I am doing it now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Congrats and keep it going.

  17. Yup. Would have been right about this time of year that I first saw Jhereg on the shelves of the B. Dalton I haunted, looking for good books to spend my paper route money on. My original copies of it and Yendi are too fragile to read any more, so when I get the itch to go back to them, I pull out the omnibus edition.

    Here’s to 25 years, hoping the next 25 will be at least as prolific!

  18. Thanking the fans when you owe all your success to a smart aleck, poisonous, reptilian scavenger is going to leave you with a dead
    teckla in your bed you know.

    You know, though, it’s really safer to let anniversaries like this pass quietly lest evil spirits take notice and do something to dampen our joy in them.

  19. Ya, pessimism is the best. Everything that happens is either what you expected all along or you’re pleasantly surprised.

  20. This indeed cannot pass by unnoticed. I remember most sitting in an apartment on Staten Island while Patrick and Theresa talked you out of using Zoltan in your name (too pretentious; people will think it’s fake). Watching you wander around with Corwin, deep in some new world you were making up on the spot. Finding the paperback in the Miami Airport book store during a stopover on our flight to (from?) Colombia when we picked up our daughter and restraining myself from showing everyone in the airport.

    Proud of you, kid. Was then, still am.

    But hey– you promised me an autographed copy of Jhegaala!

  21. Cynthia: Oh, right! Email me your current address.

    I remember those days too–I’m not as much of a pompous prick about writing as I was then–gotten more of a handle on what I don’t know. You did a good job of putting up with me. :-)

  22. I was 14, my older brother Billy O’Hanlon gave me this cool looking book and said “Read this, you’ll like it, the main character is an assassin.” I was hooked, I was enthralled, I read all the way through with no breaks. From that day on my fanboy list was irrevocably altered. The best guitarist ever was Jimi Hendrix, the best sci fi author ever was Roger Zelazny, and when I can’t have either of them, give me some Steven Brust!

  23. Thank you.

    When I was a teenager reading about Vlad’s adventures I loved the stories. Two decades later I still love the stories, but I find new layers of meaning and wisdom in them when I read them now.

    It’s a good author who can tell a story that’s fun. It’s a great storyteller who can write books that carry more then the story.

    I don’t know what the story would be about, but I’d love to read some more stories from Parffi!

    Thanks again!

  24. Picked up Jhereg on a friend’s reccomendation in early High School and havn’t looked back since.

    Every book gets read cover to cover within the first couple of hours after I get my grubby hands on it, then cursing your name for the next year or two waiting for another.

    Thanks again and keep em coming!

  25. i ran across you by way of the one post emma bull had made in my LJ.

    just wanted to say “thank you” back.

    gods. has it been 25 years? sheeeit.

  26. Hmm, 25 years…Well it has been 10 and a half years since a friend of mine in AIT (training after Basic for the Army) told me I needed to read Jhereg. I hated the idea of books before then and I am happy to say that you have opened a new world to me and I thank you very much. We are all waiting for more.


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