Happy Birthday to two Charming Daughters

On this day in 1982 were born Aliera and Carolyn Brust, who came into the world to brighten it for the rest of us.  Soon they’ll be able drink, and I’ll have to talk to them about S-E-X.  In the meantime, happy birthday!

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  1. If they were born in 1982, they should have been legal to drink in 2003. Perhaps I could lend some assistance in introducing them to a range of single malt scotches.

    There are also some fairly good wineries around this area of Texas as well.

  2. He’s joking about the drinking, or at least that’s how I read it.

    Happy Birthday wishes to them!

  3. Thanks Dad! God, I can’t wait ’till I can drink. It sure looks like fun!

    Seriously though, ship the single malt.

  4. But but… I *want* it! Have your considered the high, high benefits of giving it to me for my birthday? I mean really thought about it.

    A) You’d get to wear other hats more often. Which is important because I think they’re starting to feel neglected. No one wants that.

    B) I look spiffy in it. I’m a fragile flower and need the ego boost.

    C) Dad could go back to having the most impressive hat in the house. He’s a fragile flower and needs the ego boost.

    D) I look *really* spiffy in it.

    I think when you’ve looked at all the facts you’ll realize that the only option left is to send the hat express mail. Thank you for your time.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  5. @ojiikun#1 According to the “Lyorn Records” website, Aliera the person was named after Aliera the character; no citation, though. _Jhereg_ was published in 1983, which strongly implies it was written before August, 1982.

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