Hey, you got a band?

We’re looking for some bands to help us engage in some viral marketing .  Are you in a band?  Do you have a friend who is in one?  Post a link to your music here, or else send it to Kit at dreamcafe dot com, and we’ll give it a listen.  Ideally this should involve good publicity both for our project and any bands we end up working with.


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  1. Oooo… This is like, so tempting.

    Unfortunately, I’m sort of in between projects myself, my last band having broken up, and the one I’ve been *trying* to form not really going anywhere–due to all the potential members having demanding day jobs.

    Otherwise, the only friend I have in a band these days is in a group called “Brother Seamus”, but I suspect you may already be familiar with them.

  2. I was in a band until this past May, at which point medical issues forced me to retire… but they’re still going strong, and – all false modesty aside – I think they’re pretty awesome. :) They’re called The Kimberly Trip, and their website is at http://www.thekimberlytrip.com, surprisingly enough.

  3. Well, I’m curious to know what kind of project you’re working on, but if my band can help, we’d be happy to. We are The Eben Brooks Band, and our music is at http://music.ebenbrooks.com/

    We also have a YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ebenbrooks

    By the bye, yes, I am the same Eben Brooks who once pitched to you the idea of writing GURPS Dragaera. I’m sorry that never got anywhere, but maybe someone better skilled at game-writing than I (do you hear me, Bill Stoddard?!?) can take up the challenge. ;-)

  4. Well, I was going to recommend The Kimberly Trip, but I see Misha beat me to it. Better that it come from someone in the band anyway.
    The other band that my wife and I love is Tricky Pixie, whose website is http://www.trickypixie.com/ If you’re into folk/celtic music, you may know A.J. Adams from Tricky Pixie as Heather Alexander.

  5. allo from mpls! i’ve been doing a lot of strictly solo a capella vocal stuff lately; i’ll be performing at MRF again; and Adam & I will be working together again soon on who-knows-what. i have a forthcoming solo cd (mostly irish trad.) which i will be sure you get a copy of. i’d be happy to work alone or with other folks – friends i haven’t met yet:)
    take care,

  6. I am half of a duo called Arcati Crisis; we play folkish indie-pop music. Our web site streams our most recent demo in its entirety.

    Web: http://arcaticrisis.com
    Myspace: http://myspace.com/arcaticrisis
    EPK: http://sonicbids.com/arcaticrisis

    I am also a solo artist, and in that capacity I might have more flexibility to participate in the promotion:

    Podcasts: http://crushingkrisis.com/?cat=12
    Myspace: http://myspace.com/petermarinari
    Web (a bit outdated): http://petermarinari.com

    I’m excited to hear more about the project!

  7. The Jack Burton Trio is well known as Austin’s best smelling band. We play funk, soul, and a bit of americana…anything that grooves. We are also known for making crappy recordings, and having a front man who may actually be a Leprechaun. http://myspace.com/jackburtontrio

  8. http://www.myspace.com/stchristophermusic

    “One of the most striking things about Chris is the quality of his guitar playing. He has his mojo workin’ on his new CD “Keep It Sweet”and writes great tunes like “The Nick Of Time”. It won’t to be long before people start recognizing this talent.”
    -Matt Rowe -MusicTap.net

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