Loiosh is with me

The first time I walked into Poking You Tattoo, about three years ago, I was impressed with how clean it was. Today that was reinforced. While I should be raving about the skill of the artist, Derek (and he really is an exceptional artist and easy to work with), the thing that blew me away was how much care he took with cleanliness. I’m serious–the use of gloves, everything wrapped in plastic, disinfectant, the sink with the foot-pedals so you don’t have to touch the faucets. Some might think that’s a weird thing to notice, or even that it doesn’t go with the sleazy tradition of tattoo shops, but to a noob like me, it was remarkably reassuring.

As for the rest of the experience, well, it hurt a lot, but only because I’m a wimp. As I said, Derek is really easy to work with. My original idea was to have him on my shoulder, but Derek seemed to think he’d look better on my back, and I felt inclined to put myself in the hands of the artist. One advantage to this location is that by moving my shoulders I can make his wings flap. Hee hee.

The results? I’m totally geeked. Here are our first photos — click on them to see. The redness will fade when they aren’t quite so, ah, fresh; and we’ll post a couple more taken in sunlight and when fully healed.

Loiosh back tattoo

Loiosh close-up

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  1. Hee hee. If you look at the closeup, it seems like his eye is glittering. That isn’t a trick of the photo, that’s how it looks on my skin. Good work, Derek!

  2. The tattoo looks great! I was a little turned around at first because I’m so used to the four-legged version on the coverart of the Vlad novels (Jhereg) but this fits the description and the image in my head perfectly!

    It’ll be fun with the “wing flapping effect” and be wonderful when it heals!

  3. Nice, looks good and I am suitably impressed by your bravery. That said I feel the need to channel grandma MacDonald and ask, “Should you be doing this while your stiches are still healing?” :-D

  4. Congratulations on your tattoo. Coincidentally I just got my first tattoo on Sunday, although I have no Loiosh, just a yin-yang of my own design. I’m past the shiny first day look and getting scabs (expected) now. I hope yours heals up quick and nicely. It makes me feel like an ink sibling to get my first ink in the same week that you got yours. :)

  5. Wow, that looks great! Just curious, how long did it take? And will you YouTube the flapping wings when you’re all healed up?

  6. That’s gorgeous! And Derek was right–the design fits perfectly between your shoulder blades. Congratulations on your beautiful new piece of art!

  7. Rene @ 6: LOL! I should do that! It took about two or two and a half hours.

    Emma @ 7: Thanks, cuz!

    shivam @ 8: It was originally based on the drawings of Robert Sloan, who invented the critter. Not having Robert’s work handy, the next best was Kathy Graham nee Marschall’s work, which can be seen on the donations page of the Dream Cafe web site. From there, Derek gave it his vision (a bit less snake-like, a bit creepier). Does that answer your question?

  8. Looks awesome. I used the fonts from the cover s of the books to spell JESTER with a 3 pointed hat hanging off the J as a kidney belt about 8 years ago. it was my 7th, so be warned they are highly addictive.

  9. Awesome! So are you officially a fanboi of yourself now? At least now when people ask you if you are talking to yourself you can just point to your back.

  10. I checked out your website again, (its been awhile since I’ve done so) to check out the art on the donations page mentioned above, but got sidetracked and ended up just exploring the site in general. I just thought you ought to know that several of the links on your link page go to places that no longer exist exactly…

    Congrats on the tat though. Looks great.

  11. That looks great! I’m getting the cover of Issola done on my back. One 3 hour sitting down, 2 to go…

  12. Kewl.
    Gotta question, how do I contact the artist of “The Cycle” graphic in the front of Jhegaala, to ask for permission to get a tatoo of one of the House symbols?

  13. Hey, I was thinking of getting a Jhereg myself!

    Cat recently got a gorgeous Phoenix put on her back in the same place, wings in the same place, moving when she does, etc. That’s two Houses down, who’s next?

    Congratulations! It looks fantastic. And it’ll look even better once it’s healed. Now I may have to get a tattoo whenever we’re down there. Derek does good work! :)

    Michael@15: Yes, someone did.

  14. Great tattoo and perfect for you. A lot of the time a tattoo will seem out of place or not quite right for a person but not this time.

  15. Someone once said something to the effect of, “Is getting a tattoo painful? No. It only feels that way.”

  16. Bobby @ 13: Well, hey; I’ve been writing fanfic set in my world since 1984 or so.

    Ricky @ 17: Thanks, I’ll ask Kit to look at that.

    Nimuejon @ 19: Let’s see if she responds to this. If not, drop me an email–the address is on my web site–and I’ll forward it to her.

    Chris @ 20: In your case, I’d recommend an issola. :-)

  17. cool story, skzb =) Totally answered my question.

    Thanks again for creating such a wonderful world for me to live in every now and again =)

  18. Oh, Steven! That is gorgeous! I’m so glad you went and got it done (assuming of course it’s been in your head to do so for awhile), being a wimp and all. Heh. Not to mention right there in the middle of the back, too.

    When I got mine done at Twilight Tattoo near Uptown (Mpls.), I had a similar experience of the cleanliness. Perhaps I’ve been lucky in that regard, but I refuse to go anywhere where the cleanliness, the vibe and the artists are not as I need them to be.

    Congratulations, Sir.

    -Robert, who really, really enjoys Loiosh. Hee!

  19. Uhmm – well, this isn’t actually a comment on the displayed tatoos. Nor on the current book, Jhegaala, which I have both read and enjoyed, thank you very much — and I regret if this has been asked before, even in a different forum: but, after rereading the entire series preparing for the current release, it occurs to me: There was (virtually) no teleportation prior to the interregnum. Why would anyone have a floating castle? How would they get there? Were there shuttles? Thank you for your attention.

  20. To Chris at 20: (D’oh, two posts)

    Apparently, I’m required to get a dzur… if I were to get one.

  21. My brother got the cover of Athyra on his calf. Its hilarious because for so many years he refused to admit that he liked fantasy/sci-fi, then he got that tattoo and named his daughter Aliera. I put my arm around his shoulders and was like “Its official, you are a nerd, there is no use denying it”.

    I’m not sure if I’ll get a Dragaeran tattoo, though this discussion and made me realize I haven’t planned any tattoos in homage to my literary loves and it is something I will have to contemplate. Heh, I could get the phrase (quoting from memory, the books are at home) “The problem for tonight, is how am I going to get laid”, the single line that started a chain reaction leading to what is now a full fledge love affair with the written word.

  22. Great looking tat, bror. Awesome idea about the moving wings, and damn right about trusting an artist.

    Gotta ask, though: Any idea for this, especially accepting it on your back, connected to a certain Phedre?

  23. That’s a nice tattoo but are you sure that’s Loiosh and not Rocza? How does one sex a jhereg?

  24. WTF? I thought you would ‘never’ get inked except maybe a “Put tag here” on your toe. Glad to know the world changes. Yeah back ink hurts – my rampant lion was my mot painful (but I hear ankles are worse) – basically the closer to bone and all that.

    Welcome to the club.

  25. Hanging around Poking You is really very compelling. You see how clean it is and look at all the awesome art or jewelry and think, hey, that could be on/in me.

    I never planned to get piercings till I started hanging out with Reesa at her shop, now I have two and plans for more.

  26. skzb @ 39 Ah, thats even better then the time I was dating a massage therapist. If my better half owned a tattoo shop, I would likely be covered head to toe, instead having only the one tattoo I currently have.

  27. skzb @ 27-

    I was reading this thread up from the bottom and figured this referred to your reaction to the tattooing. ;-)

  28. I found this site today, and literally, I talked with my husband yesterday about tattooing a jhereg on the front of my shoulder. You know, to be like my little buddy. I can even imagine the imaginary sarcasm and lip he’ll give me. I’m a total nerd. I was planning to give my tattoo guy the cover of Jhereg and tell him to wing it. (hee hee) I’ll send a pic when I get up the nerve to do it.

    Mr. Brust, You Rock.

    Goat@30 You’re bro sounds exactly like me. Aliera is on our name list.

  29. Thank you, Jenn. You’re sweet. If you want to see the canonical Loiosh, he is on the donations page of the Dream Cafe. And no, that is NOT a hint.

  30. I have to thank you heartily for this one. To my great amusement, not a single one of your offspring believed me when I told them. Each time, I had to gravely swear that I was not sh*tting them. I find it absurdly pleasing that we can surprise them every once in a while.

    But you might want to bring some hot sauce. I think your wild Irish rose might be planning to serve you up a big plate of your own words.

  31. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the irony that Loiosh will always be on your back. It seems it used to only be in an esoteric sense, and now it is quite literal!

    At least you still have those opposable thumbs.

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