Thanks to Txanne…

I now have a copy of Jhegaala.  The cover is lovely, and the graphic representation of the Cycle came out great.  My thanks to Steve Hickman, Silver Croft, and Tor production.

The copy is signed.  The person to whom I signed it Knows Who He Is.  Now I just need his address and I can send it on its way.

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Site administrative account, so probably Corwin, Felix or DD-B.

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  1. I got my copy on Tuesday – and it was confiscated that evening by the husband *shake fist*. I finally have time to devote to enjoyment reading this weekend and I fully intend to do so.

    I’m really surprised you didn’t get a copy earlier. But, I suppose my threats of violence and fire if I didn’t get my copy on 8 July helped get mine into my hands quickly.

    So far, so good! And, I have to agree, the Cycle illustration is really cool.

  2. The Cycle illustration was beautiful. Now I want a poster of it. Probably not the most requested item for the Brust fan, but one of the odd, insider reference bits of geekery I would slip into my room.

  3. No author’s copies for Steve? C’mon! He’s awesome and deserves a box.

  4. @TechSlave 3

    Great idea, though I am thinking a T-shirt might be even geekier. Plus you can learn who those other Brust fans are out on the streets.

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