While the stomach turns

Okay, check this out:

Toby Buckell: You go, dude!

The sort of blatant, obnoxious racism displayed by the editor of Helix makes me, as Bear says, ashamed for my genre.  Hypocrisy would be an improvement, because at least it would indicate some degree of embarrassment for attitudes and beliefs that no one today should be able to admit to without blushing.

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  1. I am flabbergasted that this got written. And appalled. Never buying Helix, that’s for sure.

  2. I love how he attacks her for posting the email rather than try to defend his comments.

  3. Never mind – thought it was a publishing house rather than a magazine. That makes the filtering much, much easier.


  4. I’ll get the hang of this comments thing sometime. Helix, banned from my house. Sorry for the nonsequitor.


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