I’m back from Marcon, and I’m not sure what to say about it.  As most of you probably know, guest of honor Robert Asprin passed away the day before the convention started.   At opening ceremonies, I said that the odd thing was, if I had spent much of opening ceremonies ribbing him, as I’d originally planned, it would have been something he’d have liked, but I just didn’t have the heart to do it.  The convention organized a wake for him with music and Tulamore Dew, and it was well done.  I knew Bob for something like 30 years; I’m sorry he’s gone.

It’s hard to talk about general convention stuff under the circumstances, but it wouldn’t be fair to the Marcon committee not to mention that they’re one of the long-standing fannish conventions where they know what they’re doing, and that they treated me very well (including all sorts of extra effort they had to go through because I somehow managed to mess up my foot the first day).

I met and re-met a lot of great people, and it was by any standards a good convention; I wish Bob could have been there.

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  1. Aw, hell. This is the first I’ve heard of Robert Asprin passing away. He’s one of my favorites. I re-read his entire collection every few years. I just started his newest, Dragons Wild.


  2. Robert Asprin was GoH at Keycon 1, which was the 2nd con I attended. His panels were scotch fueled monologues with the occaisional question tossed in for good measure. Most of the fans attending had never knowingly seen a writer before so they were in total awe.

    Robert was funny, rude (in funny ways but then I can be fairly tolerant at times) and eye opening. He spent much of his time discussing the economics of writing (from his point of view as a cost accountant). He was great.

    He will be missed.

  3. I”m sorry too. Those of us who were touched by his words will miss him greatly; thoes who were touched with his friendship …well. There won’t be words enough to say how that must be.

  4. For those of us who hadn’t heard anywhere else, thanx for passing this sad news along, so we can give him the honor due him.

    He’s off to the land of Aahz. (not nearly as good as Bawrence’s)

  5. Aw man, now I’m never gonna find out how Aahz gets his powers back, or how adept Skeeve is when he finishes his studies. This is almost as bad as when I found out I wouldn’t be seeing what lies beyond Corwin’s pattern.

    Steve I would be obliged if you would allow me to predecease you.

  6. My condolences Steven, I didn’t know Mr. Asprin, but I am none the less sorry for your loss. I know that such commiserations are empty, that nothing can really comfort the pain of a lost friend, but I couldn’t in good conscience say nothing.

  7. I have a fond memory of you and “Bob”, as he introduced himself to me, standing on the balcony of the Denver Marriot at OPUScon in 2004. This scene happened after an official Dragaera feast, created by “I cannot remember her name” but she has developed a great Steven Brust/Dragaera menu i.e. lots of great hungarian cooking.
    While the three of us were having a drink and a smoke on the balcony, Bob handed me his glass of scotch to hold, so as to better demonstrate and discuss with you, fencing maneuvers. I truly felt fanboyish to say the least as I watched two names, who kept me entertained (and still do) in the literary world, carrying on an extended (and it seemed ongoing) conversation that didnt exclude the fanboy, but made him feel akin to Paarfi in the “listening in on the conversations of the gods”.
    Robert was kind, funny, rude and mean to me that night. In other words, I think he was himself. It was awesome.
    I just wanted to drop that memory on you Steve, whether you remember it or not, to illustrate that your 30-something year relationship with Bob was noticed and even remembered very fondly by more that just yourself.

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