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  1. Oh my…

    I wish I had known that…

    Why do you come to my neck of the woods when I don’t live there anymore? (sigh)

    Years ago, you wrote to me on my birthday, Steve, and I am still writing, still living, still reading your books, and turning others to your brilliance.

    The older I get the more I sympathize with your political views and wonder where we went wrong. Have fun! Those Ags are a wicked good time.

  2. I won’t be at AggieCon, I will be spending the weekend packing up to move to Bryan/College Station. Well, I’ll be packing the first of many, many truckloads to move.

  3. Huh. And here I was just wondering whether there might be a nice convention down thataway I might drive down for, since I’ve got this strong hankerin’ to make some tunes with Da Brust. Unfortunately, this weekend is just a little too soon to plan for. Be sure and let me know about the next one a bit more ahead of time….

  4. I’m in 3 panels (1 Friday and 2 Saturday) but sadly none of them with you. Feel free to drop by and steal the show though! Maybe then nobody will notice how I sound like I was educated by moldy scarecrows.

  5. Fred, I’d so love that. Aggiecon probably won’t be so good for music anyway; I think it non-smoking everywhere. Any chance of Marcon?

  6. Dang, I would love to play some tunes with “Da Brust.” I may die of fan excitement though when I strike a note with ya, Steve. Let me know if you ever get out to Colorado for anything! College Station is pretty fun for music, although it’s always more fun with smoke of sorts. Erm..

  7. At the moment, I can’t afford to attend any convention that doesn’t pay my way, except the one here in CS, of course, because it’s local.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to sign some books for me. I hope the con went well for you.

    As a whole the con was dissapointing for me. Mostly because the last time I was there was about 5 years ago or so, and it was much bigger at the time. But one of my goals was to at least meet you and say, “Hi” and I achieved that, so it’s not a total loss. Thanks again!!

    Maybe I’ll see you at some ‘cons in Houston. I think ApolloCon is coming up in June/July

  9. Dear Mr. Brust,

    Thanks so much for the playing for singing and playing at the Monkey House, and for your boundless tolerance of my quiet implosion into some kind of ecstatic fanboy singularity while you did so.

    You made my evening, my con and my week. Thank you.

  10. It was a pleasure to meet you and be able to chat outside about literature and the literary value of sf/f. If you need help contacting someone in the English department about that class you were brainstorming about or if you’d like help advertising for it I’d be glad to assist. You added a special flavor to all the panels you were in and I hope we can meet and talk lit again in the future.

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