Off to Mexico

So, it all started with a standard STD check, when the doctor said, “How long have you had that hernia?” Never at a loss for words, I instantly shot back, “That what?” “Hernia,” he said, apparently unphased by my wit. “That’s a hernia.”

This was, you understand, two days before I left for Vegas to move my stuff.

So, anyway, here we are today, and Reesa and I are off to Mexico, the land of mescal, mariachi bands, and $3000 (as opposed to $10,000 or $15,000) hernia surgery. I should be back in a few days, if all goes well. Keep the fires burning, and say many witty things while I’m gone.

Investment Opportunity (no, really)

This is the slow time–I’m waiting on a royalty check, and the on-publication money for Gigolo, and the bankruptcy to be resolved.  Meanwhile, Reesa’s store is going through the slow months while the college is out.  This produces what capitalists call a “cash-flow problem.”

So, we’re looking for someone who wants to invest 10 to 15k in her business, to make up for the slow months and to prepare for the store’s 10th Anniversary sales and specials.  The loan repayments would start this time next year; in exchange for the delay, she’s offering a good interest rate.  If this is going to happen, it needs to happen pretty fast (before my car gets repossessed, for example).  For those who care, I’ll add that not having my car repossessed and having a roof over my head will result in the current project (Iorich, or, Your Itch) being finished rather, ah, sooner than otherwise.

If you think you might be able and willing to make this investment, write to me (see my web site for email address) or the address on the store site for more details.