The Great Ice Cream Cone Conundrum

There are three sorts of ice cream cone: the cup cone, the sugar cone, and the waffle cone.  Let us ignore the waffle cone, because they didn’t have them when I was a kid.  The cup cone has two advantages: you can set it down, and it is better for holding soft-serve ice cream.  The sugar cone has one advantage: it tastes good.

The conundrum: why can’t they make a sugar cone in the form of a waffle cone?  Is it because something in the process of making the sugar cone requires flat sheets that can be rolled by not shaped?   I have been wondering about this as long as I can remember.

A koan

One day the sous-chef said to Alton Brown, “Master, how much kosher salt is the right amount for a rib roast?”  And Alton Brown said, “Dice two cloves of garlic.”  In this moment, the sous-chef achieved enlightenment.