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So, I’m still in Austin.  I’ve been swimming every day because if you’re a Minnesotan and you’re someplace where you can swim in December, you do.

I’ve been working a short story for this project as well as getting some stuff done on Hawk.  The latter, by the way, took an interesting turn.  I was sitting around with Skyler White (the Whites have graciously put me up while I’m here), and we were talking about how stories work, and she said, “I love it when a story does this.”  And I said, “Yeah, me too….hey!”  So most of what I’ve already written has been moved to later in the book, and I’m kind of excited about the new approach.  We’ll see.  As part of working on the short story, I just reread Zelazny’s Isle of the Dead.  Jesus, he was good.  I miss him painfully.

Spent a lot of yesterday going over the new home page, and making notes about it.  Kudos to Corwin and Felix.  I like it a lot; though we’re still working out some details.  Also, thanks to everyone who commented on it.

Saw “Lincoln” for the second time, and was blown away again.  I’m not a huge Spielberg fan, but this was a lovely bit of work.

And I guess that’s about it for now.

Words Words Words

New Home Page

Okay, this is the new home page; the blog’s been incorporated into it.

This is the part where you get to say what you like and don’t like, and make suggestions for improving it.

Many thanks to Felix and Corwin for the work.