Good day, delightful blog readers! Jen here, just giving you a quick intro to this post. Having become disillusioned with his fiction writing career, Steve has decided to reinvent himself as a motivational life coach. Also, he learned how to put text on images. So welcome to the new direction of Dreamcafe. If you’re struggling with an issue right now, let us know in comments and maybe you’ll get some STEVESPIRATION.
Speeding ticket


Conversation is good

art is good

networking is good



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15 thoughts on “Stevefirmations”

  1. That’s how I view most of those motivational posters they had at work. How to put (fake) positive spin on something that is bad.

    The old, “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.” Nope, you got a limp and chronic pain out of it. That isn’t “stronger.” ;>)

  2. Well, as far as I’m concerned Steve’s inspirational leadership has already accomplished one miracle: the Labour Party here in Britain has just elected a party leader capable of saying the word ‘socialist’ without previously stocking up on garlic, holy water, as many crosses as he could carry without falling over, and a whole body bath in factor 100 suncream. He’s not only capable of saying it, he has said it quite a few times since he is a socialist and thinks that socialism is a good idea.

    This may seem, at first sight, to be a smallish sort of miracle, but Jeremy Corbyn achieved the greatest ‘against all odds’ victory in British history; he was a respected but not very well known MP, who threw his hat into the ring against the heavy weights, and won a landslide victory against all the warnings about how it would be far too risky to elect someone like him.

    Who, I am pretty sure, would happily join in the reading Trotsky were it not for the fact he’s a bit busy at the moment, so thank you Steve!

  3. Whoops, overlooked to press the button for further comments; I’m still stoked that what people said was impossible when they started counting the votes, becoming the landslide victory when they finished counting the votes.

    Though of course, I’m not in any way detracting from Steve’s remarkable role in history; how could I when I’ve been addicted to his works since I first read them?

  4. There used to be a motivational poster up in my workplace with a picture of a bald eagle, saying: LEADERS: like eagles, they always fly alone.

    Given that I grew up in a town whose main tourist attraction was the National Eagle Center, let me tell you: when you see one bald eagle in the air or on a perch, you ALWAYS look for the second, because bald eagles practically NEVER fly alone.

    I always regarded that poster with a mixture of mocking hilarity and deep-seated resentment.

  5. So they’re imagining this eagle flying alone, and the smaller birds try to hide from it.

    Who is it leading?

    Somehow I don’t think they were thinking about leaders. They were thinking about managers.

  6. Matt

    They had that one in a hospital where I have spent quite a lot of time as a patient; presumably the hospital managers thought it would encourage us to leave asap, but I regarded it as adding insult to injury…

  7. Stevespirations: Like the Demotivators at, but for a more literate class of cynic and disaffected Marxist college students.

  8. Do not look upon this as a citation for occupying your conveyance at a speed considered unsafe by the bureaucracy and local elected officials given to you by the overworked and underappreciated regional guardsman, but instead as an invitation to speak to magistrates and justices in an attempt to persuasive speech.

    Creative storytelling to those in power is skill to be practiced and learned well.

    I may have left out fifty words, but I suspect Paarfi would say something like that.

  9. @Anne Englehart
    Reminds me of a joke I peddled this summer as a reference to our pervasive lack of A/C and 30+ degrees celsius indoor temperature. “The wonders of capitalism in eastern europe involve a free sauna in every workplace!”

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