Today’s Agenda

1. Drink coffee

2. Finish revisions on new Incrementalist novel

3. Drink more coffee

4. Work on new Vlad novel

5. Check in with Jen about Stuff

6. Catch up on the internet

7. End capitalism

8. Say something nice about the dog


I always run out of day before I’ve finished my to-do list.  Poor dog.

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13 thoughts on “Today’s Agenda”

  1. Sounds like a fun day. Is there a release date yet for the new Incrementalists book?

  2. You forgot “share revised new incrementalist book with first person who asks on the interwebs” which is me!

  3. If you are doing all of that in the chronological order you have laid out above then I really feel sorry for the dog. I think you need to swap items 7 and 8 around.

  4. There is some roof work going on near my home, by a company called “Vlad.” So there are signs reading “Danger Vlad” which give me joy every time I see them. And make me look around for Loiosh as well.

  5. Yay! Oh happy day! A new incrementalist book and you’re working on a new Vlad novel?

    (You could always just put the dog in the acknowledgments – then you’re both working on the books and saying something nice about the dog.)

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