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Some Samples of Internet Logic


Here are a few things I’ve come across over the last few years.  I have not made any of these up.  Their profundity speaks for itself.


Scientists are sure they’re right, and religious people are sure they’re right. Therefore, science is a religion.

Leftists have splintered into many factions, and Christians have splintered into many factions. Therefore, Leftists are the same as Christians.

Different historians studying the same event will come to different conclusions. Therefore, there is no such thing as historical truth.

Individuals on both sides of [internet kerfuffle] have behaved badly. Therefore, both sides are wrong.

I do not have a name for my philosophical method. Therefore, I have no philosophical method and I just see things as they are.

Reactionaries oppose political organizing based on personal identity, and revolutionaries oppose political organizing based on personal identity. Therefore revolutionaries are the same as reactionaries.

There has not been mass working class action in my lifetime. Therefore, there will never be mass working class action.

I can’t think of any reason for atheism except faith. Therefore, neither can you.

I do not understand how society works.  Therefore, neither do you.



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