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As a result of this incident it seems there may be an opening for an aide to Scott Walker, so I tried to get my dog the job.  I was told Governor Walker didn’t hire dogs. I explained that my dog received food, shelter, and medical coverage in exchange for unquestioning loyalty; was ignorant of nearly everything and completely unconcerned by this; was constantly whining for attention; obeyed his master’s orders without any question as to legality or morality; never had an original thought; and could be counted on to bark and yap at any workman who came near.

He starts on Monday.


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11 thoughts on “Dog For Hire”

  1. I would think Walker would feel threatened, as the dog is eminently qualified for HIS job.

  2. Like Matt, today has not been wonderfull; in fact the last fortnight has not been wonderful due to a slipped disc and a bonkers response to a nerve pain killer. Unlike Matt I can’t think of anything amusing to say, but thank you anyway…

  3. If you hire the dog out, who will be around to take the blame? Doc certainly won’t do it.

  4. Doc is planning to become the dog’s campaign manager in his run for the governorship. Just before election night he’ll abscond with the campaign funds and fly off to a fortified beach house in Mexico. The dog, when questioned by the mob of reporters afterward, will say, “…Huh?”

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