For the record, I’m doing this for two reasons: 1) I have all of these manuscripts lying around with no place to keep them, but I am sure as hell not going to throw them away, and, 2) I’m trying to pay off the dentist who fixed my teeth. For the record, the financial thing is temporary, and not by any means a crisis. Whatever I get from this is going to be useful, but I am not by any means in desperate straits.

We put up a temporary auction page. It contains the latest bids, including any on the four Vlad novel manuscripts now available.

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  1. Just finished all of the Vlad Taltos series… loved them! Although I’m a little disappointed you didn’t add our good old drummer friend in the last scene at Owl’s Feet. Anyway I couldn’t find any other ways of contacting you, hopefully this isn’t a nuisance. WRITE FASTER! :)

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